Shar’arei Tsedek – 6th March 2023

Mar 6, 2023 | Session Blogs

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Our monthly Dementia Club UK session was held on 6th March at Sha’arei Tsedek Synagogue in Whetstone.

Our members were served tea, coffee, delicious biscuits and beautiful homemade cupcakes (courtesy of Caroline) at the start of our session and were happy chatting to each other.

We had Dr Rebecca with us who took blood pressure readings for anyone who wanted it done. Needless to say, she was kept very busy as many of our members and carers had their blood pressure taken! Thank you so much Dr Rebecca!

The wonderful Jane then led an exercise session which all our members participated in and enjoyed.

Two of our members, Michael and Leyla, were celebrating birthdays and so they were each presented with a lovely birthday cake each and a sparkler candle to blow out and everyone sang Happy Birthday to each of them! Michael and Leyla enjoyed the attention and everyone was very happy!

This was followed by a lively session of entertainment provided by James Le Bec and his lovely assistant Joy. James sang a variety of popular songs to which many of the members and helpers danced. He also did a music quiz and our members had to guess the name of the song or artist and everyone got very involved! It was great fun!

James one of our carers that attends regularly sang the most beautiful song, Send in the Clowns and everyone was quite moved listening to him and gave him a huge round of applause!

23 members and carers attended the session with the assistance of eight helpers who were:- Justine, Caroline, Stephen, Gilda, Melissa, Judy, Dot & Lisa.