Jubilee Party at the Finchley Memorial Hospital – 1st June 2022

Jun 1, 2022 | Session Blogs

Dementia club uk logo

The Dementia Club UK Jubilee party was a great success today. Members were nicely surprised to see the room decorated with Jubilee bunting and the tables decorated.

Members were also startled and surprised to see Her Majesty the Queen as soon as they walked into the room. (The life size cut out of the Queen) was so realistic, members couldn’t wait and were queuing to have their photo with the Queen.

Members were even more surprised when Theresa Villiers MP for Chipping Barnet walked in. Theresa said a few words and then circulated the room speaking to members on each table. Members were delighted to see Theresa especially as she is also a Patron for Dementia Club UK.

We also had a birthday to celebrate today. It was Joan’s 90th birthday and her daughter brought a large cake to be shared. Birthdays are always celebrated in the Dementia Club UK fashion with a firework cake candle.

Joan was so happy when everyone sang Happy Birthday. Laurie – another member was celebrating his 99th birthday today. He could not attend the session but everyone who knows Laurie signed and gave their best wished on a birthday card which Lisa was going to take to his house after the session.

It was then time for some music entertainment and Ian James played a mix of favourites starting with Hope and Glory and the Queen’s anthem to commemorate her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne. A great session which will be memorable