Hendon Golf Club – 12th February 2024

Feb 12, 2024 | Session Blogs

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Our monthly session at the Hendon golf club was led by Keren. We always get a full room of members at this venue, it is so bright and airy. It’s overlooking the golf course and very comfortable. Also the staff look after us so well with delicious teas and cakes. As there was no exercises today, so we had extra time to do a super fun quiz of Family Fortunes. Everyone worked in small groups around their tables, deciding which would be the most popular answers to go for. We had some lovely prizes for the winners and a tie break for the runners-up. Well done everyone!

Mike was then there to entertain us all following on from the quiz. We all sang Happy Birthday to one of our carers Katia. Our wonderful Chairman Lisa, her husband Mark plus Valerie also joined us today. Thank you to our trustees for all that they do for DCUK. Also thanks to them for the friendly and supportive chats with everyone. Dr Rebecca came along too, she was able to see individuals for blood pressure monitoring and other helpful chats. Thank you, Rebecca. We all had a lovely afternoon singing, dancing and enjoying the company of each other.