Friends in Need – FIN – 20th November 2023

Nov 20, 2023 | Session Blogs

Faz ran the session at Friend In Need this week.

With Christmas approaching and given that it was our last session at Friend In Need before Christmas Faz decided to theme today’s activities around the festive season.

Whilst everyone was enjoying their drinks and snacks Faz began a group sing along. Members were asked to fill in the words to a well known Christmas song ‘ The Twelve Days of Christmas’. We had great fun reminiscing and trying to remember the jolly words to this catchy tune by The Spinners.

Next Faz ran an A-Z quiz themed around Christmas. Members had to name items beginning with every letter of the alphabet that are linked to Christmas, together we came up with a variety of different combinations from Angels to Zest it was a delight to hear everyone’s suggestions.

Eon joined us next and there were plenty of smiles as we stretched and twisted to a mix of fast and slow exercises. Thank you Eon for revitalising us with your positive energy.

James Le Bec continued to keep us cheery by encouraging us all to sing along to some of our Christmas favourites. We took the opportunity to get up and dance away to many of our favourite tunes today. It was lovely to see members coming together at the end for our final dance to ‘The hokey cockey’. What a wonderful way to end our session today!, thank you James for bringing us all together for a fun final dance today.

Thank you to all the team at Friend In Need for all your help.