Friends in Need (FIN) – 17th October 2022

Oct 17, 2022 | Session Blogs

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Our Monday session at FIN this week was marvelous, nearly 40 members and carers attended as well pupils from Ark Pioneer Academy and our Chairman Lisa Rutter.

Faz who ran today’s session put out a variety of word searches and colouring sheets on the tables to keep everyone busy. Whilst tea and coffee was being served, one of our members James Hale sang us an array of beautiful songs. It was a great opportunity for members to sing along and a great start to our musical afternoon!, Thank you so much James you were brilliant. Lisa also had our members singing and dancing today to familiar classics such as ‘The Saints Go Marching in’, thank you Lisa.

Our energetic Eon encouraged everyone to join in our excellent exercise session. It was wonderful to see how well the pupils from Ark Pioneer Academy engaged with our members, encouraging them to join in the fun.

For the final part of our afternoon our members were in for a real treat. We witnessed exceptional performances from the pupils at Ark Pioneer Academy. We are so grateful to Jasper, Shun and Naomi for playing superb individual pieces on the piano to us. Evie how you managed to play and control your breath on the saxophone was excellent and Sophia your Cello piece was sensational. A huge thank you to Nishma and Priscilla from Ark Pioneer Academy for bringing all the pupils in today, our members were so happy. Thank you for creating so much happiness and warmth during our session today.

It was wonderful to be back at FIN today, Thank you to our lovely ladies at FIN for supporting our session and for serving us drinks today. Eon thank you for an amazing fitness session enjoyed by many. Lisa it was great to have your support today, our members really enjoyed dancing in a circle and singing with you today.