Friends in Need – FIN – 15th January 2024

Jan 15, 2024 | Session Blogs

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Today’s session at Friend In Need fell on the same day as Martin Luther King day which is observed on the third Monday of January in America. Although MLK day is not celebrated here in the U.K Faz was inspired to use today’s special day to ask our members to write down a personal achievement and / or a dream that they have. It was particularly heartwarming reading out the special memories that our members shared.

From wanting to end global warming to being proud of the dresses and blankets once stitched, this was a positive way to reignite our memories and our future hopes for 2024 and beyond.

Next Eon joined us to reawaken our bodies for a flexible session of seated exercises. Eon brought resistance bands with him today. Our members had fun stretching the bands between their hands and above their heads. The exercises were tweaked accordingly with Eon doing the faster movements and Faz assisting with the slower actions. By the end of the session our bodies were revitalised and we were ready to continue with the fun.

With jolly James here to take us through to the end we continued to enjoy the afternoon. James sang us a melody of delightful tunes. Faz also sang ‘Que Sera Sera’ with the assistance of Chrystalla. Thank you Chrystalla, with your infectious laugh and smiles you had us giggling away as we sung our favourite Doris Day songs.

Special thanks to all the volunteers today at Friend In Need and to Eon and James for entertaining us and keeping us beaming.