Friends in Need – 16th Jan 2023

Jan 16, 2023 | Session Blogs

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Friend In Need hosted 35 members and carers today and it was great to welcome new members Costas and Stella. Faz led the session and read a famous quote from Martin Luther King’s speech ‘ I had a dream’. Martin Luther King is celebrated in the U.S on the third Monday of January, members were given colouring sheets depicting the importance of equality and the power of a dream. 

Chinese New Year is approaching and this year is the year of the rabbit. Word searches and zodiac year charts were distributed, it was interesting to find out what our individual zodiac horoscopes were. Claudine and Krista did a wonderful job serving us teas, coffees, cakes and biscuits whilst the members were kept busy, thank you very much.

Our cheery Eon joined us next, with his upbeat tunes. Members exhibited great movement and were happily engaged following the exercises. Thank you, Eon, for keeping us beaming and full of smiles.

James Le Bec and his partner Joy continued the afternoon with a trio of activities. James sang his heart out and we loved having a good dance and listening to his beautiful voice. James also led a fun musical quiz called ‘Guess the song?’, using a soft dice members took it in turns to roll the dice and answer musical questions. Thank you James and Joy for a terrific session.

It was great to have the support from Lisa our chairman and Mark, thank you for joining in and helping in today’s session. A special thank you to Helen one of our carers who is always on hand to support and help out during the sessions. Last but not least a huge thanks to Hannah, Cathy and the wonderful team at Friend In Need whose support is always much appreciated.