Carers Group Zoom Meeting – 7th September 2021

Sep 7, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings

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Carers Group Zoom Meeting – 7th September 2021

Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers, Andrew Wrensch who provides our seminars and training and also Marcelo Navarro who runs a carers company. All contact details have previous been provided in my reports but happy to email them to anyone upon request. (All my previous reports can be read if you go to my website and in the search box type ‘carers’ – you will get a list of all my previous carers reports.)

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

One of the members enquired about wheelchair accessible vehicles. This topic was also raised last week and further searches are still being looked into. There was however a short discussion and few further suggestions which may be helpful. I found in my further searches details about Motability grants and eligibility which can be found here:

and I also further found some details on another website where automatic wheelchair accessible vehicles can be leased as one of the options

I will continue to report on this further.

Presentation Aggression and Dementia

Lisa then introduced Andrew who presented his presentation about ‘Aggression and Dementia’

Andrew talked about how we can identify and deal with aggressive behaviour and the importance of understanding that aggression is one of the symptoms of dementia. It’s not easy and can be very challenging. Andrew however went through explaining in his presentation giving advice and how to deal with aggressive behaviour.

Questions were raised by members which Andrew responded to and Lisa also provided some general advice too from experiences. Lisa mentioned that sometimes aggressive behaviour could be as a result of B12 deficiency, and this should be checked through your GP. It has been known by people who have taken regular B12 injections that they become less agitated.

Lisa also mentioned the importance and the power of music for those living with dementia. Andrew mentioned in his presentation there is the Right song which could trigger happy memories. Lisa also mentioned a very special favourite song called  ‘She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain’ which has been found for people living with dementia – is like turning on the light in a completely dark room.

There were further various other personal discussions. The session finished at 8.40pm.


Tuesday 14th September

We are delighted to welcome back Rachel Burley-Stower who will be back to talk to us about ‘Socially Funded Care’ – This will be interesting especially after hearing the proposed changes by the Prime Minister today. Rachel will also be happy to take any other questions too.

Tuesday 21st September

We are delighted to welcome the Deputy Lieutenant Martin Russell for The London Borough of Barnet – Her Majesty’s representative. This will be followed by our usual group discussions

Tuesday 28th September

We are delighted to welcome Zaira De Novellis to talk to us about the ‘Homeshare scheme’