Finchley Memorial Hospital – Coronation Party, 3nd May

May 3, 2023 | Session Blogs

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The party continued after yesterday at Eversfield. Members enjoyed more sandwiches and lovely cup cakes brought by Lisa. Nick one of our Trustees joined us today and helped decorate the room with Coronation bunting he personally made which looked fantastic. Nick also prepared and brought various Coronation paper activities such as Word searches, dot to dot, colouring the Crown. Everyone really enjoyed the activities and thanked Nick. Lisa also brought the cardboard cut out of the King and everyone enjoyed having photos and some members also enjoyed wearing the Royal face masks.

Richard then gave members some fun yoga exercises before Gayle joined us with some fantastic music which as usual got everyone up and dancing.

A very successful party and lots of smiles as everyone went home. Thank you to our volunteers today – Angela, Raj, Melissa, Nick and Mark