Finchley Memorial Hospital – 6th September 2023

Sep 6, 2023 | Session Blogs

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A really hot day today and the session was full as usual. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave a few updates about the launch on the 27th September with the dental services and also the Christmas party on the 11th December.

There were also 3 birthdays to celebrate today. It was Gareth’s birthday, James’s birthday and Ras’s birthday. All were celebrated in the usual Dementia Club UK way and everyone sang Happy Birthday 3 times.

Thank you to Jackie, Gareth’s wife for bringing 2 large cakes which were shared out to everyone. Eon then joined us and everyone did a few light exercises to music and this was followed with music entertainment from Johnny which everyone enjoyed and danced to.

A very enjoyable session. Thank you to our volunteers – Angela Chen, Norman and of course Mark