Finchley Cricket Club – 13 March 2023

Mar 13, 2023 | Session Blogs

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The session today was led by Keren Mail and despite the winds and the rain many people ventured out, knowing that there would be a warm, dry and friendly reception at the Finchley cricket club waiting for them.We began with the welcome announcements, firstly thanking Lisa and Mark for joining us and providing delicious sandwiches and healthy tangerines. There was also a reminder of the other DCUK sessions this week, plus the two summer outings which people could sign up for and pay using Lisa’s new credit card reader device.

We then all sang a couple of songs together, it was so lovely that everyone was able to join in as the words were put up on the large TV screen.

We then played a new game of Card Bingo – well done to the two winners – Michael & Elaine and Ramila & Pravin.

Next Eon did his usual fantastic exercise set – breaking out in to a sweat, meaning everybody was working hard!

Then the lovely Gayle sang her heart out for us, with additional guest solo singing from both James and Amanda. Everyone was up and dancing together joining in and smiling.

Thank you to our two lovely volunteers, Morwenna and Amanda. Also thank you to one of our members Joan for helping clear up at the end.

Just to note, there will be no session at the Finchley Cricket Club sadly for the nest 2 months due to Monday Bank Holidays, so the next time we will meet at this venue will be on Monday 12th June 2023 2-4pm.