Finchley Cricket Club – 10th July 2023

Jul 10, 2023 | Session Blogs

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Monday 10th July’s session at the Finchley Cricket Club was run by Keren Mail.

We started off playing 4 card Bingo. Well done to our 2 winners Rosina and Margaret who won some chocolate and a nice candle from the prize box.

We then sang a couple of songs with the words on the screen. This was followed by an experiment with an AI app. We asked people to call out a few random words for a theme, the computer then gave us jokes and poems in seconds to read out! The technology is quite amazing to witness how fast it all works. Eon ran his exercise session which was great. As there were less people in the room today, he could really see who was doing what and make sure the exercises were all done well. The lovely Gayle then sang for us and after some dancing and a song from James, we all posed for a group photo.

Thank you to our volunteers today, Keren’s daughter – Lois, Lisa as always and Tom and Rosalind from the Rotary club. Thanks also to the Cricket Club venue as this was our last session here. Next month we will be meeting at the Hendon Golf club, and we look forward to seeing you then.