FIN – Friends in Need – 15th May 2023

May 15, 2023 | Session Blogs

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Our Monday session at FIN this week was led by Faz, with 26 members attending. There were a variety of word searches and colouring in sheets laid out on the table to keep everyone busy as they arrived.

Whilst tea and coffee was served Faz led a quiz, the theme was general knowledge . Did you know that the word Ketchup originated from China? Members had fun guessing the answers and learning a few interesting facts along the way.

Eon was full of energy today and we benefited from a vigorous and powerful work out. Eon ended with a set of relaxing stretches to slow soothing music, thank you Eon for an excellent session.

James Le Bec joined us next and it was wonderful to see how James encouraged everyone to join in the actions and sing along to a few of our favourite songs including ‘ Catch a Falling Star’ by Perry Como.

James Hale also sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Over The Rainbow ‘ by Judy Garland.

Our heartfelt appreciation to you both, for creating many smiles today. Thank you also to our lovely ladies at FIN for supporting our session and for serving us drinks and tasty treats.