Eversfield Centre 7th February 2023

Feb 7, 2023 | Session Blogs

It was good to be back to DCUK at the Eversfield Centre since the wonderful Xmas party in early December. As usual a group of Mill Hill Rotarians hosted the afternoon. As it was close to St. Valentine’s Day, the theme was of course the word “love”. So a word search, matching partners of famous and infamous people, and the challenge to name as many songs as possible with LOVE in the title. Lisa gave some updates to members informing them about two outings to look forward to soon and also mentioned that we now also have another GP volunteer – Dr Rebecca who will be attending the sessions and inviting members who would like their blood pressures taken. Thank you Dr Rebecca.

As well as keeping busy with their word search, members were also enjoying their teas and cakes whilst chatting. Home-made cakes decorated with hearts made by Jane, and a chocolate birthday cake for Chris brought by Lisa which was celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion with a firework cake candle. This was followed by a fun musical session with Helen, playing her harp, her accordion and piano and getting everyone singing to some well-known songs. This was then finally followed with a good seated and fun workout with Richard and members queuing for their blood pressure with Dr Rebecca.

Happy Valentine’s Day.