Eversfield Centre – 5th April 2022

Apr 5, 2022 | Session Blogs

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Today’s report was written by Jeanette from Mill Hill Rotary Club.

The session at Eversfield this week was rather jolly with over twenty visitors and volunteers having a good time.  The session started with table games, some individuals doing small puzzles and challenges whilst others had a go at dominoes.   After that a good number of home made cakes and hot cross buns were consumed and there was lots of conversation around the table!

Helen hardly paused for us to draw breath between Spring songs as she accompanied us on the piano and concertina.  Malaika, a student from Copthall school (who had accompanied Judith her grandmother today ) was persuaded to do a couple of solos, so beautifully sung that the room went completely quiet.   Then Richard appeared to finish off the afternoon with some seated exercises.

Well done everyone.