Carers zoom meeting – 9th Mar 2021

Mar 9, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings, Session Blogs

Carers zoom meeting – 9th Mar 2021

We had 35 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and welcomed our special guest Nigel Wray who is also our Patron. Nigel spoke a few words to say how he was delighted to be at the carers group meeting and was so fed up with the lockdown, he can’t wait until it is all back to normal.

Lisa then welcomed her Trustees and also Andrew who does the seminars.

Lisa gave a few updates first informing everyone about the new government legislation on ‘visiting in care homes’ and how it was through the carers group meeting when concerns were raised about visiting in car homes that Lisa decided to raise the matter at Council and was able to ask Theresa Villiers MP (also our Patron) to speak at Parliament. Lisa also mentioned that again through the carers group meetings vaccinations for unpaid carers was not on the priority list but Lisa again raised this at council and was therefore able to ask the Leader of the Council to send a letter to the government asking for unpaid carers to be added to the list which has now been done. Lisa also mentioned for everyone to check the website as they will be able to hear her recent talk at Middlesex University about dementia and also a letter from NHS North Central London CCG about Lisa’s achievement in getting the 383 Bus to the Finchley Memorial Hospital which is now in the glass noticeboard in reception.

Lisa then announced and congratulated Andrew and his partner as today they became proud owners of their first house. Everyone raised their glasses.

Before Lisa opened the floor for discussion she reminded everyone that the first 30 minutes of the session was for them to raise any concerns and she would make sure that the concerns had enough time to be discussed. There were a few matters raised about social services and when someone can request them and what they can do to provide support.

It was then time for Andrew to start his seminar and today’s talk was about The Mind and Mindfulness and also Dementia Awareness and the main types of dementia. There were quite a few questions after and members were very grateful to not only receive advice and information from Andrew and Lisa but also from Dr Angela Parker our GP and one of our Trustees.

It was a very interesting and informative meeting. Lisa thanked everyone and gave a very special thanks to Nigel and Nigel replied that he was very humbled.