Carers zoom meeting – 2nd Mar 2021

Mar 2, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings, Session Blogs

Carers zoom meeting – 2nd Mar 2021

We want to thank Kevin who chaired this evening’s Carers Session. There were 28 participants at this evenings DCUK Carers meeting.

7:00- 7:30 was a general open forum on matters on the Carer’s mind.

The subject of respite vouchers was discussed so Carers can have a break with the cost of respite care being partially funded. To obtain these a Social Worker would need to conduct a Carers Assessment to assess the eligibility.

A participant raised concern with eye tests for a dementia sufferer not giving the full picture during the examination. It was advised to warn the optician in advance so they can take this into account. Andrew from Carlton Court Care Home advised they use Blink Eye Care who are skilled at dealing with dementia. They can carry out home visits. Hital is the best contact and can be emailed or call 020 8816 8549. Andrew further emphasised the importance of sight with dementia as this fading with the brain will accelerate the Dementia condition.

It was established through website, you can apply for 4 months supply in January for free vitamin D tablets.

7:30- 8:00 Andrew completed the training on social interaction with dementia. This was carried over from the previous week where given the immensity of the subject needed further discussion

The power of reminiscence was highlighted. Music is the main source for this. It was also suggested looking at old photos or having a memory box would help engage the mind.

The issue of Sundowners was bought up. This is part of day where the Carer will need to recognise things are not quiet and the mind of the person living with Dementia is disturbed. It was advised to try to relax them and immerse them with an activity. It was suggested it can be helpful mentioning people who have passed away in the present tense.

The PowerPoint slides were sent last week. Anyone who has not received these and would like to assess them please contact Lisa.

8.00-8.30 Q&A for Andrew based on training or other matters on our mind.

One participant stated reciting the Lord’s Prayer in the morning was good for spiritually and remembering the words good exercise for the mind.

A Carer mentioned the issue of their cared for wanting to go home somewhere else although they are at home. Andrew advised not to argue but go with their flow and where appropriate distract the person to divert the conversation. This can be challenging and we should be kind to ourselves if we do not get it totally right.

It was further encouraged as Carers we should to try to think of and chose engaging activities during challenging moments.

The concern of not taking liquids and risk of UTI’s was raised again   Dr Angela advised to disguise liquids using jellies, sorbet and soups. Sometimes a straw provides an incentive drink.

A massive thank you to Dr Angela and Andrew for their invaluable constructive feedback throughout the session for the many issues raised by the Carers.