Carers zoom meeting – 2nd Feb 2021

Feb 2, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings, Session Blogs

Carers zoom meeting – 2nd Feb 2021

We had 18 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave apologies for Mike Rich who was not feeling very well. Lisa welcomed new members and gave a few updates. Lisa reported that she had still not heard anything after her speech at Barnet Council asking for Unpaid Carers to be recognised in the first two priority groups. Lisa further reported however that she has since heard that the CCG may be contacting to obtain unpaid carers details which is a good sign. One of the carers also mentioned at the meeting that this was already happening in another Borough.

Lisa then mentioned about the email and links she received from Stephen Whittle. Stephen and his wife Brenda are volunteer Partners with Alzheimer’s Research UK and Lisa informed everyone that Stephen has given permission for his short life story to be published on our website. There is also an interview with them both.

Lisa then welcomed Andrew Wrensch and asked him about the farm which was discussed last week. Andrew mentioned last week about his 2 horses on a farm and this would be a good idea for an outing one day for members. Lisa looked this up and reported in her previous write up that it was – Lewis of London at Fold Farm in Barnet. However, Andrew said that his farm with the 2 horses are opposite to this farm and the address is Barnet Livery Yard-106, Galley Lane, EN5 4AL

Lisa then mentioned about the training which will be starting next Tuesday 9th February and Lisa said that she would be emailing everyone with all the details of the training. Andrew said that he was looking forward to it.

Lisa then asked Kevin to speak as he had already indicated that he had a few concerns to report. Kevin felt let down by his MP Bob Blackman who was supposed to attend his carers meeting and failed to make any contact with Kevin. Kevin also mentioned his experience when he attended a vaccination centre for Mable and asked if it was possible for him to be vaccinated and unfortunately was confronted with a volunteer who obviously had no understanding about unpaid carers and was very dismissive to Kevin.

Kevin also reported how when he also still sees people not wearing face masks in supermarkets which makes him angry and used to confront those people but he now tries to avoid close contact.

There were several different discussions then raised. One question was how do we help those living with dementia to help them recognise that when its night time it is time to sleep. One of the members mentioned that in some care homes it has been tried where the cares at night put on their pyjamas and this might help the residents to know that it’s bedtime. Andrew who is a Community Development Manager at Carlton Court care Home said that he would certainly speak to the manager and try this out.

Dr Angela has provided the following link below;

There was another discussion about the difficulties for some people especially the elderly with mobility issues to get to the vaccination centres. One of the members however mentioned that there is something called ‘Cabs for Jabs’ and this is already happening in some boroughs.

Lisa then mentioned about a You Tube video she watches daily from Dr John Campbell – an A&E accident and emergency nurse for 40 years, provides very thorough reports about Coronavirus and the Science behind everything. Lisa talked to everyone about today’s video which was about Mouthwash and how this could prevent infection and progression of Covid-19. Lindsey Dixon a Canadian pharmacist was talking to Dr Campbell about Mouthwash. It doesn’t need to be any particular mouth wash. It could even be plain water, as it is the action of rinsing the oral cavity which has the same benefits. In Vietnam they have 96 million people. Covid cases under 2000 and only had 35 deaths. They recommended their population to use mouthwash and the purchase of mouthwash went up 78% during the pandemic. Jan 23rd 2020 one patient treated – no antibiotics, sent to the roof top for sunshine and outdoor exercise. Windows were left open in hospitals and patients asked to gargle every day. Lindsey recommended that everyone should use it especially if you feel you have a scratchy throat. This could reduce viral load. Lisa then mentioned that taking Vitamin D especially now when we have no sunshine is very important to help boost our immune system.

Dr Angela also agreed that this was important but also mentioned that you can overdose with it if you have too much. The recommended dose is 25mg, 1000 units.

Lisa showed everyone that they can buy a spray which is simple. Dr Angela provided the following link below about the possible beneficial role of throat gargling;

Everyone thought it was a very interesting and very informative meeting. Lisa thanked everyone and closed the meeting at 8.40pm.