Carers zoom meeting – 20th Apr 2021

Apr 20, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings

We had 31 members this evening which also included carers from Christies Care. Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers centre to provide the latest news and updates.

Mike was excited to announce the official partnership with Dementia Club UK and mentioned the video interview with Lisa which is now on the Barnet Carers website. Mike mentioned that he made a few changes to the Barnet Carers website and mentioned the launch of the Carers App which is a way for carers to get connected, get together, get training, support and advice. The carers App can be downloaded and instructions are on the Barnet carers website and will also be on the Dementia Club UK website. Mike then mentioned about the launch of the electronic ID Carers card which has a photo on the card and details which can be held on a Smartphone/Android and other devices. There will still be a choice however for those who still prefer a card. Mike then talked about the Emergency Card scheme which is supported by Barnet Council. If for example the carer has an accident and is unable to look after the person they care for, then if you make a call to Barnet carers centre, they will arrange emergency care for the person you care for. The card has an emergency telephone number and a reference number which confirms and identifies the carer is eligible for this service which is funded by Barnet Council.

Mike then talked about Grant schemes that are provided for people who are struggling to pay for example utility bills, shopping etc. Barnet carers will pay £100 of shopping vouchers to carers in receipt of carers allowance.

Mike also mentioned the Carers Trust Grant which offers a grant of £350 for carers to use for example for travel, trips away, respite care or to buy a washing machine.

Some questions were raised about how to make a contact name on a phone an emergency contact and there were also questions about some phones unable to unlock. Lisa explained that she would ask Nick who is one of the Trustees and understand about this technology to explain this later after Andrew’s seminar.

Andrew’s seminar started at 7.30pm and the topic today was ‘Stroke Awareness’. Andrew presented some slides and also showed a short video explaining what stroke is and what someone needs to do when they are faced with this type of emergency. The symptoms of Stroke can be remembered by F A S T.

F (face)A (arms) S(speech) T(time) was explained. Dr Angela Parker also one of our Trustees also explained that we should also be aware if someone has the following symptoms- Wobbliness, Double Vision, Lack of Consciousness. Andrew mentioned that he would incorporate that in the presentation slides.

There were questions from a number of members and Dr Angela was very helpful in providing answers and analogies when providing explanations which everyone was very grateful. Lisa asked members if there were any further questions for Mike and thanked him for attending this evening and providing the updates. Mike informed everyone that he would be attending the carers group meeting every 2 weeks. Lisa then asked Nick to explain and respond to the questions about emergency contacts and Nick also suggested that he already had some instructions on our website which Lisa said would email to members.

The meeting ended at 8.35pm and Lisa thanked Mike, Andrew, Dr Angela and other Trustees and wished everyone a happy rest of the evening.