Carers zoom meeting – 17th Nov 2020

Nov 17, 2020 | Carers Group Meetings

Carers zoom meeting – 17th Nov 2020

We had 18 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone including Mike Rich from Barnet Carers Centre. Lisa first started to talk about the Forum which is being organised to discuss ‘Visiting in care Homes’ and summarised the reason for the forum. Lisa then asked Mike to brief everyone about the forum. Mike informed everyone that he has been having meetings with the council and is still trying to confirm who will be attending at the forum. There are 4 care home providers who have agreed to attend so far also.

Mike said that he would confirm with Lisa.

Lisa then continued the session and first raised how Cllr Sachin provided responses to some of the concerns raised in previous weeks and members confirmed they were happy. One of the concerns was about Barnet carers cards and as Mike was at the meeting he was able to respond and inform everyone that he was happy to provide Carers emergency cards to anyone living in Barnet. A form would need to be completed however for members to register as carers. Mike said that he would email Lisa the form. Some of the other discussions this evening was about;

  • The difficulties in other neighbouring Boroughs applying for Blue badges for someone living with dementia.
  • How to get access to priority supermarket deliveries
  • Why Non Paid Carers are not ranked the same as Carers in Care Homes to receive the Covid-19 Vaccine. One of the members also mentioned that he will be attending the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ‘MHRA’ patient group meeting tomorrow and he will be raising the question about vaccinating carers.

Lisa also informed everyone that she has organised 2 visitors to attend the carers meetings. On the 24th November Dr Paresh Malhotra who is a consultant neurologist will talk about dementia and his ongoing research and latest drug trials. On the 1st December an Admiral Nurse will be attending – Mr Alan McVitty and he will be attending with 2 other colleagues from the Barnet Memory Service.

This was as usual a good meeting and everyone thought the meeting was very informative.