Carers Group Zoom Meeting – 21st September 2021

Sep 21, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings

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Carers Group Zoom Meeting – 21st September 2021

We had a special visitor this week – the Deputy Lieutenant of Barnet (Her Majesty’s representative) Mr Martin Russell. Lisa introduced and welcomed Martin who gave an inspiring and uplifting talk. It was a great honour to welcome Martin and Lisa thanked him for joining our meeting. Martin had previously attended at the Finchley Memorial Hospital dementia clubs and wanted to join and see what we do at the carers group meetings.


Andrew’s presentation started at 7.30pm

Both Andrew and Lisa had some exciting news to share this evening. Andrew announced to members that Dementia Club UK are preparing a certified training programme for carers, families and professionals. People joining the training will receive International Certification, CPD accreditation. The training will deliver an in depth understanding about dementia, the different stages, how dementia progresses, how to deal with the different challenges over time, medication and much more. We aim to deliver this training to businesses, organisations, shops, care homes, hospitals and wherever is required.

Andrew gave a short introduction about dementia and briefly talked about the various topics we aim to include in the training. He also showed the Dementia Club UK BBC1 Inside Out London documentary film. This was featured on the 10th February 2020 and the aim of the film is raising awareness about dementia.


Rachel Burley – Stower Solicitors  – ‘Socially Funded Care’

Please see the training booklet (sent to you via email) which Rachel has asked me to provide to you all. It needs slightly updating, so a few things may be out of date. Rachel informs me that If there is anything you need further clarity, Rachel is happy to help.

Her contact details are: Rachel Burley-Stower    Mobile No: 07830288327

Rachel has further provided a response below to a question which was asked in the meeting.

“On the question of IHT and joint beneficial interest, If the property that is being left to somebody other than the spouse then there may be IHT if the value is over £325k. However it is bit complicated as there is the transferable and residence nil rate band to consider before tax. They ought to get some Wills and IHT advice on that aspect. And will also depend on whether they have given any lifetime gifts too.”


We talked about GP surgeries and how being able to see the doctor has changed since the pandemic.

A discussion was held with different views. One of the members mentioned that there was a Petition ‘To Re Start Face To Face GP Appointments’ and if anyone was interested, they could sign it. Please see the link below


Anyone interested – Dementia Adventure Holiday in Devon 18th – 22nd October 2021

Fulvia had a lovely supported holiday earlier this year in the Lake District which she told us about in one of the sessions.

She had an email from Dementia Adventure recently asking whether she would like to go on a similar trip to Devon, this is the link from Dementia Adventure’s website:

Fulvia would like to ask other members whether they would also like to go for company. The dates are 18th – 22nd October 2021. If you are interested, please let Lisa know and she will pass your details to Fulvia.


Our speaker next Tuesday 28th September is Zaira De Novellis who will talk to us about Homeshare.