Carers Group Meeting – Tuesday 4th January 2022

Jan 14, 2022 | Carers Group Meetings

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Whilst we know there is still no cure for dementia unfortunately, it’s good to know that there are various research and clinical trials to hopefully one day find a cure. In the meantime, the advice in the results of all research we are seeing is that living a healthy lifestyle is important.

Difficulties in finding advice and support

Some of the things we talked about in the meeting was how difficult it is to find help and guidance/advice when you need it during our challenging times caring for our loved ones. We don’t have the luxury of time to search, and this therefore adds to our stress levels as searching becomes too exhausting. Whether it’s finding a suitable reliable and honest trader or getting advice about benefits and other types of help. There is unfortunately no handbook with tailored instructions for us which is why I set up my charity and which is why we have these meetings so that we can share and discuss various issues. All the issues that we have discussed in our carers group meetings are reported on to my website which you can find under Blogs. We have discussed numerous topics and many tips and advice are all in my reports. You will also find on my website details explaining about dementia and the different types of dementia and also other helpful information.

Dementia Guidance – Brian also mentioned at the meeting about a website with some useful advice which you may like to visit. The website is called Dementia Guidance. Here is the link:

The Bredesen Protocol – I also mentioned at the meeting about The Bredesen Protocol. Dr Dale Bredesen’s research discovered that patients with early onset Alzheimer’s disease (mild cognitive impairment) may be reversed with The Bredesen Protocol.

Dementia Club UK – Middlesex University report I also mentioned the research which was conducted by Middlesex University on Dementia Club UK which I am very proud of. The report confirms that the techniques used in my Model which I have written confirms that what we do has a positive impact not only for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia but also has a positive impact on the carers and families. This report can be requested via the University from my website.