Carers Group Meeting Tuesday – 3rd August 2021

Aug 3, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings

Carers Group Meeting Tuesday – 3rd August 2021

Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced Mike Rich – CEO of Barnet Carers and partners with Dementia Club UK. Lisa also introduced Trustees Dr Angela Parker and Valerie Chodosh and gave Andrew’s apologies.

Lisa first asked Mike to talk about the new digital ID card. Mike mentioned that after further feedback from people, he has removed the date of birth from the front of the card. Anyone interested in an ID card please see below.

Barnet Carers e-ID scheme

Barnet Carers e-ID scheme.  This is for carers living in or caring for someone in Barnet.  I will send you a separate email with the link for carers not living or caring in Barnet,

Here is the link for carers living or caring outside of Barnet.

There was also discussion about carers assessments and getting carers help. Please see below regarding assessments

Barnet Carers assessments

An opportunity for you talk about the support you need which can include a FREE leisure pass, access to counselling, access to grants providing financial support. The assessment can be done over the telephone and normally takes between 30 and 40 minutes or you can complete a form online.

For any of the above please contact Mike Rich

There was discussion about finding the right carers:

Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers;

Mobile number 07977 487761

Barnet Carers Centre

Global House, 303 Ballards Lane, London N12 8NP

Marcelo Navarro – Christies Care

Managing Director – Mobile: 07960761274    Email:

Monique  – Unique Care

Mobile: 07583 564201

Lisa then asked members if they had any concerns they wanted to discuss.

Continuing Health Care ‘CHC’

One of the members talked about the difficulties in applying for Continuing Health Care ‘CHC’

Lisa mentioned about some of her personal experiences and was aware of the difficulties and challenges faced in trying to apply for CHC.  The scoring system makes it very difficult for approval. Dr Angela also gave some advice and mentioned that it was important to provide as much full detail as possible about day-to-day experiences. Lisa also mentioned the same and that it was important to keep a diary.

Lisa has been able to find out after speaking to another carer today how she found an excellent solicitor who specialises in CHC. She was able to win her case and CHC was approved.

The Solicitors are;

Rachel Burley-Stower – Tel: 01273 609911     Email:

There was also discussions about what you do if your loved one tends to wander. The following product and other advice was suggested.

Argenti personal alarm

Lisa suggested the Argenti personal alarm which has been discussed in previous carer group meetings on the 13th April. The Argenti care technology device offers peace of mind not only in and around the house but also when you go out and even abroad. Information can be obtained through Barnet Council or the Argenti website. Please see the link below:

Herbert Report

Lisa also suggested the Herbert Report. This was previously discussed in the carers group meeting on the 13th July.

The Herbert Protocol is an early intervention and risk reduction scheme to help find vulnerable people who are at risk of going missing. The protocol is named after a war veteran of the Normandy landings named George Herbert, who lived with dementia in a care home.

The link below is from the Metropolitan Police and the form can be downloaded.