Carers Group Meeting – 24th November

Nov 24, 2021 | Carers Group Meetings

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Carers Group Meeting – 24th November

Our first topic of conversation this evening was about ‘Bed Sores’ and our Trustee Doctor Angela was also able to provide some very good advice. For further reading I have also provided further information from an NHS sight about bed sores. The link below and its content is attached.

Doctor Angela advised that a good fresh diet is essential with lots of Vitamin C, Kiwi fruit and Green Vegetables. These can be made in a smoothy too. Many supermarkets now are also selling healthy shot drinks which can also help.

Dr Angela also mentioned that creams with Zinc were also good to apply. Various creams were mentioned – Sudocrem and Proshield.
Proshield was recommended by most members who had used the cream and were happy. It also washes off easier than Sudocrem.

Dr Angela advised that anyone with complex wounds for example bed sores which develop to pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, chronic non healing wounds should be seen by a Tissue Viability Nurse. The Tissue Viability Nurse can be accessed via your GP, District Nurse or hospital.

We then discussed Restless legs syndrome. The link below and it’s content is attached for reading.
Restless legs syndrome – Causes – NHS (

Dr Angela also advised that checking with your GP your iron levels is important. If you have iron deficiency for example this may cause restless legs syndrome. There are also other triggers which you can read further in the attachment.

A discussion was raised about returning equipment which is no longer required and cannot be returned to the organisation that supplied it as they are no longer interested. Members suggested – Medequip

Please see the link for further information Medequip | About Us (

Another member also suggested Ezra Umarpeh. Please see attachment and also further reading on this link below
Medical Equipment – Ezra Umarpeh

Another suggestion was the British Red Cross. Please see the link for further information about returning equipment Contact us | British Red Cross

A discussion was raised about visiting dentists and whether they are dementia friendly.
Dr Angela suggested the Whittington Hospital The contents of this link is also attached.

If after your GP has referred you to the Whittington Hospital, or Vale Drive or Torrington Park for dental treatment and you have not received an appointment, you can chase this up by calling the Community Dentist is 0203 316 8553 and choose Option 2

I hope all the above is helpful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further help or advice.