Carers Group Meeting 17th January 2022

Jan 17, 2022 | Carers Group Meetings

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Carers Group Meeting 17th January 2022

Lisa welcomed Dr Angela Parker, Mike Rich CEO of Barnet carers, Marcelo Navarro and Andrew Wrensch


  • Congratulations to Marcelo who runs a caring agency – Walfinch who received a CQC report with a GOOD rating
  • Congratulations to Mike Rich as Barnet carers were recently awarded by Barnet Council ‘Adults and Young carers support groups’

It was a pleasure to welcome Derek Brown this evening introduced to us by Brian Witcombe. Derek from Northallerton, Yorkshire, talked a little about himself and caring for his wife who has progressed Alzheimer’s disease and then he talked about his Internet site called ‘Dementia Guidance’ It was a pleasure to listen to Derek this evening and we all learnt some new information which we are very grateful. As well as the various information his site provides about dementia, Derek has also campaigned on a couple of issues. The following information was discussed:

  • Council Tax Discount – He has taken the issue of Council Tax Discount to the High Court to try and get the ruling changed so that discounts are allowed from the date the GP certifies that a person qualifies for benefit such as Attendance Allowance. At present a Freedom of Information survey revealed that all 382 councils throughout the UK are providing council discounts from the date of receipt of a qualifying benefit rather than the date the GP certification is provided. Derek mentioned however in his checks that the only council which does provide council benefit from the date of GP certification is Barnet Council. This was great news to hear.
  • Internet Protocol landline telephones – Derek is also pushing to get more awareness about the changes to Voice over Internet Protocol landline telephones. BT Openreach has announced that by December 2025 they will have shut down the ageing copper wire telephone line network. BT have introduced the “Digital Voice” Current copper wire networks using ADSL or ISDN are being replaced by fibre optic networks. This could affect the vulnerable and elderly who need to make an emergency call or raise an alarm via their careline and health pendant and could be left stranded unable to call for help. As power is needed to make calls with Digital Voice, if you have a power cut you will be affected unless you have a battery back up unit (BBU)
  • BT about the Free priority fault repairs scheme – Derek mentioned that we should all request from BT about the Free priority fault repairs scheme and complete the application form. More information can be found on this link BT Free Priority Fault Repair Scheme: –
  • BT careline – Karin mentioned about the BT careline 0800 919 591 Supporting vulnerable customers June 2018: –
  • Care Home Red Bag – is used by Care Home residents and staff, hospitals, GP’s and Paramedics. A red bag Red Bag should be used where the appropriate clinical assessment has concluded that it’s not appropriate for the patient to stay in their care home. Therefore, when a resident becomes unwell and is assessed as needing hospital care, care home staff pack a dedicated Red Bag that contains standardised information about the resident’s general health, any existing medical conditions they have, medication they are taking, as well as highlighting the current health concern. This means that ambulance and hospital staff can determine the treatment a resident needs more effectively. Further information by NHS England can be read on this link: –
  • AKH -Sandra mentioned about a company that makes products for disability bathrooms: –
  • How to qualify for VAT relief Financial help if you’re disabled: –
  • Attendance Allowance – Please see the link for further information about claiming benefits: –
  • Cirque Du Soleil At the Royal Albert Hall – Fulvia mentioned about the Cirque Du Soleil At the Royal Albert Hall – enquiries can be made for carers to go free. For £71 you can sit in a good seat.
  • Dementia Adventure Holidays – Fulvia has asked me to share with you the following link: –
  • Herbert Report – This has previously been discussed in the carers group meeting on the 13th July 2021. The Herbert Protocol is an early intervention and risk reduction scheme to help find vulnerable people who are at risk of going missing. The protocol is named after a war veteran of the Normandy landings named George Herbert, who lived with dementia in a care home. The link below is from the Metropolitan Police and the form can be downloaded.