Barnet Walking Football session ‘Forget Me Not’ – 16th January 2024

Jan 16, 2024 | Session Blogs

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A warm welcome to Shaun and all the volunteers from Barnet Walking Football Club.

Today was our first Walking Football session held in the Sports Hall at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre.

Shaun kicked off the session with a set of fun warm up movements. Members were happily chanting away whilst stretching their arms and moving their feet to a well known tune ‘ When the Saints Go Marching In’. Lisa our Chairman was supporting the session alongside Faz the session leader and Keren our volunteer who were on hand to help and give support to our members as well.

Next Shaun split us into 2 groups. Half of the members began with simple exercises which involved bouncing the ball on various coloured discs. Well done to Chrystalla for managing to bounce the ball over 20 times!.

The second half of the group were guided to slowly walk and kick a football into an inflatable goal. As members improved, the goals were moved further away. This was a great way to build the members confidence and challenge their ability to go just that little bit further.

During another activity members were practicing throwing a light ball to another member from a short distance, this was a great activity to improve hand eye coordination.

We had plenty of volunteers from Barnet Walking Football Club on hand to give support and guidance during the various activities. It was really moving to see how well members were supported by the volunteers. We really appreciate all the enthusiasm and encouragement you have given our members today.

For the second half of the session we all headed over to the ‘Angel Cafe’ where we were seated and given hot drinks and delicious cakes and biscuits.

A few of our members enjoyed the opportunity to play games , chat and do some colouring in.

Faz and Keren entertained our members with a quick fire game of bingo. Well done to our 2 winners, Father Spiros and Davina.

Faz managed to fit in a little sing along and some of our members were up dancing to our well known favourites including Doris Day and ‘You are My Sunshine’.

We had a jam packed afternoon full of fun and good spirits. Special thanks to Shaun and all the team from Barnet Walking Football Club for supporting today’s session and injecting so much energy into the afternoon’s football activities.

To Lisa Rutter our Chairman , Keren and Faz we thank you for supporting our first session. We look forward to welcoming you all to our session next week on Tuesday 22nd January from 1-3pm.