Barnet Walking Football session at Copthall – 23rd January 2024

Jan 23, 2024 | Session Blogs

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Today was our second Barnet Walking Football session held at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre.

It was a pleasure to have Shaun and his team leading the first half of the session.

Our members were led through a set of simple stretches as they joined in with familiar football lyrics. This week our members were guided through some football drills which included slowly moving forwards whilst gently kicking a ball in front of them and football themed ball pass practice.

In addition, Lisa decided to introduce to the members some more social activities in a circuit around the hall. There were various ‘ball’ themed activities including indoor golf, skittles, french bowls and netball. Members were able to move around the very spacious sports hall at their own pace and enjoyed trying out the different ball themed activities. Lisa Rutter our Chairman, Keren and Faz were also on hand to assist and support the session. We were delighted to see the progress and smiles on members faces as they improved their skills in such a short time.

Faz led the second half of the session and was supported superbly by Keren. As our members relaxed with a nice hot drink and a selection of delicious cakes Faz read out some football jokes, “what is a footballers favourite ice cream? Aston Vanilla!”, our members couldn’t help grinning as Faz continued with the light hearted jokes.

Well done to Savvas for being our bingo winner this afternoon, he was very happy with his little prize gift. We ended the session singing and dancing, Faz sang a few songs with our members and some of our members took the opportunity to enjoy a little dance.

Another jam packed terrific session. Thank you to Daniel Perkins from Middlesex F.A. for kindly joining us and supporting our session today.

Our heartfelt thanks to Shaun and his team for guiding and supporting our members through a variety of activities, in a fun, safe and caring manner.

Huge thanks to Lisa our Chairman, Keren our volunteer and Faz the session leader for their encouragement and support this afternoon.

Our next ‘Forget Me Not’ walking football session will be on Tuesday 20th February from 1-3pm in the sports hall at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre.