Barnet Copthall – 8th August 2023

Aug 8, 2023 | Session Blogs

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Faz led today’s Barnet Copthall session; it was great to welcome back our dearly missed members Chrystalla and Helen and kick off with a delightful sing along to ‘Que Sera Sera’. The rain was pouring today and it was very wet outside, but this synced in very well with Faz’s water based theme which was swimming.

Whilst our members were enjoying delicious fresh cream cakes brought in by Lisa our Chairman Faz discussed the pros and cons of swimming in a pool versus in the sea, (very apt given that our session today was located right next to the swimming pool at Copthall Leisure Centre). We agreed that swimming is a great form of exercise and after hearing about Gertrude Ederle who was the first female to swim the English Channel on August 6th 1923, we were inspired to give it a go either in the sea or in a pool because both are great ways to keep fit.

All this talk of fitness put us in just the right mood to exercise with our fantastic fitness guru Rachel. Our hips were swaying and we happily clapped our hands to the tempo of fast and up beat melodies. Huge thanks to Rachel for another amazing session.

Our members were in full flow and ready to rock and roll when Gayle joined us with her gorgeous voice for the final part of our session. We had so much fun swiveling our bodies and jiving to ‘Let’s Twist Again’ by Chubby Checker. Our showstopper end to our session had everyone up and smiling as Faz led a cheerful chain of members around the new ANGEL Cafe singing ‘The Locomotion’ by Kylie Minogue. Gayle we really enjoyed ourselves, thank you for keeping us all beaming with your wonderful singing.

It was marvelous to have the support of Lisa our Chairman and Keren our volunteer and Helen one of our members, heartfelt thanks to you all. We warmly thank Sanj and all his team at the ‘ANGEL Cafe ‘ today for serving us delicious hot drinks today.