Barnet Copthall – 11th July 2023

Jul 11, 2023 | Session Blogs

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Today’s session on 11th July at Barnet Copthall Leisure centre was run by Faz and themed around World Population Day.

Refreshments were provided as members entered to promote socialising and to encourage conversations. Once members were seated, the session began with interactive games and activities. Members coloured in people-shaped cardboard cut-outs, symbolizing the diversity of the global population. A word search puzzle was also given out on the factors affecting world population and this stimulated cognitive engagement and memory recall.

After the activities, Faz led a group discussion on the most populated countries in the World. Some participants thought China was the most populated country but India has now overtaken and actually has a higher population, now estimated at 1.425bn. The group discussion allowed members to share their thoughts and fostered social interaction.

Faz then led a sing along to “I can’t take my eyes of you” by Andy Williams and this stimulated the cognitive functions of our members and brought out a range of positive emotions, with lots of smiley happy faces.

After the sing along, there was a seated exercise session led by Rachael which provided participants with an opportunity to engage in physical activity and promote mobility and overall well-being.

Finally, Helen, our musician performed an array of fun songs and members joined in by singing and dancing along. Here at Dementia Club, we have a very special tradition when it is someone’s birthday. We light a candle on a cake and everyone joins in singing ‘Happy Birthday’. This week we sung Rosina a very happy birthday.

Thanks to Lisa and Keren for supporting the session and to James and Daniel from the vibrant new Angel café, who kept us fed and watered.