A good attendance to today’s session. We had 25 members including some members from Friends in Need. We registered four new persons who became members of Dementia Club UK.

The session started as usual with members chatting and enjoying their teas, coffees, biscuits and cakes. Simon, our Rotary quiz master, then distributed his quiz, which consisted of 10 anagrams of famous persons. The members found the questions a bit more difficult than usual, however, they enjoyed themselves trying to find the answers.

After the quiz Richard, our yoga exercises teacher, did about 30 minutes of chair yoga exercises. Richard introduced colourful scarves to make the exercises more enjoyable. All attendees joined in and had a very enjoyable time.

The yoga session was then followed with our entertainer James Le Bec who sang songs selected by the members. James then asked the members to identify various songs and when they guessed them correctly, they were asked to throw a large dice to get points. Unfortunately, the total number of points during this session were well below other Dementia Clubs.

We also had a member’s birthday today, and all the members sang Happy Birthday. The members enjoyed listening to James’s songs and joined in singing and dancing.

Thank you to our church volunteers for making teas and coffees, setting up the venue and making the necessary preparations for the sessions; Dorothy, Sue and Andrew.

Thank you also to our Rotarians from Barnet; Jim (President), John, Victor, Malcolm and Simon. Many thanks to our Doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif for attending. Also, thanks to Mark and Lisa the Chairman of Dementia Club UK, for their continuous support making the Dementia Club at St John’s Church so successful.

Today is a special day as the 25th March celebrates Greek Independence Day. It was even more special to be able to celebrate at the Greek Britannia Centre.

The session started with a quiz which is always a good way to start a session as it gets everyone to chat together to try and get the right answers.

Joanna then arrived to do some Chi Kung exercises. Members look forward to these exercises as it helps them and teaches them how to relax and breath properly especially at stressful times.

The session then followed with our music entertainment with Ronnie. It was lovely to be able to celebrate Pamela and John’s 55 years wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion, Lisa asked Ronnie to play them their favourite song to dance to and everyone gave their best wishes. There was lots of dancing and everyone was very happy.

My thanks to my volunteers Mark who is one of the Trustees, Melissa and her husband Bob and Marina.

Our first out of the Borough Dementia Club was launched today which was a great success. Many people attended.

Launch cake donated and made by head chef Juliana at Calton Court Care Home in Barnet
Launch cake donated and made by head chef Juliana at Calton Court Care Home in Barnet

It was a pleasure to welcome our special guests - The Elstree & Borehamwood Town Mayor Cllr Victor Eni and the Chairman of Saracens Nigel Wray. Other guests who attended was the President of the Rotary Club of Elstree & Borehamwood - Cllr Cynthia Barker and other Rotarian members and Councillors from Elstree & Borehamwood and Hertsmere & Hertfordshire Council.

Members of the Rotary Club of Elstree & Borehamwood
Members of the Rotary Club of Elstree & Borehamwood

Lisa welcomed everyone and then introduced the Mayor to say a few words before the cutting of the celebration cake. Lisa invited Nigel to also cut the cake together with the Mayor.

Lisa founder and chairman of Dementia Club UK, Mayor of Elstree and Borehamwood Cllr. Victor Eni and Nigel Wray Chairman of Saracens
Lisa founder and chairman of Dementia Club UK, Mayor of Elstree and Borehamwood Cllr. Victor Eni and Nigel Wray Chairman of Saracens

We are very grateful to the Head chef Juliana from Carlton Court Care Home in Barnet for making the cake and donating it to Dementia Club UK with a number of beautifully decorated cup cakes.

Richard then arrived to do some chair Yoga with everyone. Richard has a great way of making exercising great fun. It was then time for Elvis.

Pete Webb as Elvis is amazing and is always a great hit as he interacts with everyone.

Elvis (Pete Webb) serenades one of our members
Elvis (Pete Webb) serenades one of our members

The launch was a great success. Everyone enjoyed the buffet selection of M&S sandwiches and delicious cakes.

My thanks to my helpers Mark, Dr Angela and Valerie - Trustees of Dementia Club UK. My thanks to Marina and Andreas for helping with setting up and during the session. Many thanks also to Annette one of my experienced volunteer leaders who was also very helpful and introduced Nigel to the members. Thank you also to Melissa, Dr Angela’s friend who was also very helpful and is always the life of any party.

My thanks also to the staff at The Venue for setting up the tables and chairs. My thanks to the Hertfordshire County Council for giving us a small grant for this launch. Everyone had a great time and left with many smiles.

A busy session as usual. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave members a picture quiz to name some famous landmarks and statues.

This was challenging as usual but it promoted some interesting history talks.

Lisa then introduced 2 ladies - JoJo McEwen & Fabienne Aurora, two newly qualified dentists who came to talk about oral hygiene and how to look after your teeth. It was very interesting to hear lots of good tips and advice on what to avoid eating and drinking.

Fabienne Aurora, Lisa & JoJo McEwen
Fabienne Aurora, Lisa & JoJo McEwen

Members had some very good questions and appreciated all the good advice. It was then time for some music and members enjoyed singing and dancing to some of the favourites whilst others played with the Tovertafel. It was an enjoyable session.

Thank you to our volunteers Lizzy, Melvyn, Dr Angela, Melissa and Mark.

Today's session was led by Annette:

We had a great time as usual at the cafe yesterday. We spent the first half an hour on conversation about different questions that were picked by members.

The second half was spent on drawing and writing positive thoughts about themselves on magic sheets of paper.

Terry's birthday was celebrated with a birthday song and blowing out his candles.

Dennis turned up on time to entertain us all. Members sang and danced and we had a great time.

Dr French care home at 13 Nether Street, N12 7NN invited me to their launch event today. They recently purchased a magic table.

The equipment is from OM Interactive and the unit is mobile so that it can be easily moved to different rooms.

There are 300 applications to choose from which is absolutely amazing and I could see that the residents were engrossed with the various images and sounds and enjoyed playing.

I was particularly impressed to see the Queen's Coronation.

I would like to thank Marilyn the Manager and Patricia for inviting me.