We had 24 members today and everyone was looking forward to the Karaoke session. Lisa welcomed everyone and then started the Show. There were a couple of special requests which Lisa always takes from members and tries to include in the Show and this makes members very happy. The session then continued with Sian with chair exercises to popular music which gets everyone moving as members sing along. It was lovely at the end when Sian always plays ‘When you’re Smiling’ as she also brought her son Owen who is 10 years old to also participate. Members thought Owen was so sweet and liked that.

Lisa then read a couple of jokes which everyone enjoyed listening to and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Jo Alaimo, Grazia and Enzo.

We had 26 members today. We decided after popular demand from members to do a Karaoke Show on Monday and Wednesday too. This means that we start at 2pm promptly with the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show until 2.30pm. Then we have a break for 30 minutes for the chat session as usual and then the normal programme starts at 3pm again. We were not sure how many would attend at 2pm but there were a good number and everyone enjoyed it. Lisa will formerly make the changes by email to everyone.

Lisa welcomed everyone and also congratulated Aarandale Manor Care Home who were in the local Times newspaper recently for getting a ‘GOOD’ CQC rating. Lisa also announced sadly the loss of another of our members Michael Epstein.

The session then started with Ian James who is always great fun and interacts with everyone. Eon Walters then continued with the exercises to music and gets everyone working out in their own pace. No one falls asleep in Eon’s sessions!

Eon then finished with some Greek exotic cool down music which members also enjoyed. Lisa then took over with a short True or False quiz. The quiz winners with the highest score was Stephen and Brenda. Lisa then continued by reading a couple of jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today was Helen and Chrystalla.

We had 24 members today. It was also lovely to see our volunteers Annette and Melvyn. Lisa welcomed everyone and then James was ready to start the session. After a few songs however James had some technical issues today for 10 minutes and therefore Lisa rescued the situation by playing a couple of songs from the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show. James then took over again and all was well.

Richard then continued with the Yoga exercises which everyone enjoys and then he also does a quiz. Today’s quiz was to name the artist and the title of the song from the lyrics. Richard had to hum a couple of the lyrics to give a bit of a clue. It was great fun and our winners today were Gina and Chris and Pam and John.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today's winners were Keren and Frances.

We had 20 members this evening and we also had one of our Trustees Valerie and we also had a visitor from Carlton Court Care Home – Andrew Wrench –Community Development Manager.

Lisa first started by welcoming everyone and said that whilst we were going to try out some ‘breakout’ sessions, she informed everyone about her previous meeting and how the Zoom ‘breakout’ sessions just didn’t work and people were getting lost. Lisa mentioned that this was something that needed to be looked at further and tried at a later date especially as she had some updates to deliver.

Lisa first mentioned that after her Council Health Board meetings today regarding the up to date infection rate in Barnet, she was pleased to report that the infection has gone down but we still need to be very careful. Lisa also mentioned about a new COVID strain from Denmark derived from mink that have re-infected humans. This also applies the same in Italy and therefore the UK Borders are now closed so that there is no risk of this new strain entering the UK.

The new vaccine that has been recently developed from Pfizer and BioNTech would probably not have any effect on the new strain. Lisa mentioned that it is certainly good news that there is finally a vaccine that may be ready by the end of December and Councils are preparing for sites so that people can attend and be vaccinated. The vaccine will be delivered in 2 doses and it is important during the doses that people continue to be very careful until the body has had time to develop the antibodies.

Lisa then continued to inform everyone about a search that can be made on Google ‘A Break from caring – Barnet Council’ and from this search everyone can find different information that has been discussed in previous weeks. Everyone made a note about this. This led to other questions raised from everyone on the various topics and Andrew from Carlton Court was also able to respond to some of the concerns raised by members.

It was also mentioned by everyone in the meeting how much they really enjoy the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show and how this has made a huge difference to their loved ones being able to singalong. In fact it was requested to have more sessions of the same if possible.

This was a very interesting meeting and everyone fed back how helpful the meeting was.

We had 21 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and then started the Lisa & Mark Karaoke session. Members are really enjoying this and so much good feedback is being received to say that even the most progressed of members with dementia are enjoying to read the lyrics and singalong.

Lisa then changed the order a little today and called out the Bingo numbers after the karaoke as she had another meeting she needed to go to at 4pm. Today’s Bingo winners were Stephen and Brenda.

The session then followed with Sian who does the exercises with the members. Everyone really enjoy exercising with Sian as she has a different twist to what she does which also includes some line dancing and salsa for those who want to. Mark who had to take over to close the session wished everyone a happy rest of the day and reminded them of the carers session later and the session tomorrow.