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We had 26 members today. Everyone was looking forward to seeing Theresa Villiers MP today. One of our members also put on his tie as he wanted to look smart.

James Le Bec our music entertainer and Richard Kravetz our Yoga instructor also joined early to see Theresa. Unfortunately there was a Division at Parliament which meant that she had to stay to vote and therefore was unable to join today. Lisa explained this to members who understood and hope to see her soon. Our programme then continued as normal.

James got everyone singing along and his music quiz was really interesting and great fun especially with the dice. Richard then continued with the chair Yoga and then followed with his general knowledge quiz which today was five questions - naming famous partners and then five other general knowledge questions.

The quiz winners today were Laurie & Sandra and Chris & Gina. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today’s Bingo winners were Karin and Corrado.

We had 19 carers this evening. It was also a pleasure to welcome Mike Rich from Barnet Carers. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave her update about ‘Visiting in care homes’.

She then opened this up to the carers in the meeting and this discussion took most of the hour as this is a topic that is of great concern. Mike from Barnet Carers spoke and mentioned that he has been in discussion with Lisa regarding this matter and has suggested that it may be a good idea to invite Barnet Care Providers to a forum and also invite the Director of Public Health so that this can be discussed and hopefully reach some solution.

Everyone in the meeting thought this was a good idea and Lisa thanked Mike. Mike said that he would keep Lisa informed.

Following this discussion there were some personal matters with carers sharing experiences which were very informative. Lisa reminded everyone that next Tuesday 20th October she will not be Chairing the meeting as she has another work meeting but Kevin one of the other carers will be Chairing the meeting. Everyone was happy with that. This was a very interesting and informative meeting.

We had 22 members today. It was also a pleasure to welcome as a visitor the new President of the Rotary Club of Northwick Park – Mr Siva Thaiman. We also had some new members today

Lisa reminded the members about our visitor at Wednesday’s session tomorrow – Theresa Villiers MP.

It was then time for the Lisa and Mark Karaoke Show. This has been a great success and members really look forward to it. We played a Vera Lynn song at the end and this brought some memories for one of our members who actually had tea in a cafe with Vera in St Johns Wood in 1942 whilst he was serving in the RAF.

Lisa then introduced Sian Kenrick who today increased the tempo a little with a bit of disco dancing. Members love the exercises with Sian which provides a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. Sian always finishes with the song – ‘When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you’. Smiling and laughter is so important and Lisa always tries to read a joke towards the end which members enjoy. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today’s winners were JO, Grazia and Enzo.

We had 24 members today which included 4 new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed again Aarundale Manor care home. Lisa provided some updates informing everyone about our special visitors attending. We have Theresa Villiers MP visiting on Wednesday 14th October and we also have Dame Esther Rantzen visiting on Tuesday 27th October in the evening carers session.

It was lovely to also see Sheila from Rotary Club Golders Green, Nandini from Rotary Club Edgware & Stanmore.

Ian our music entertainer and Eon Walters who does the exercise session they always join earlier to meet and join in the chatting which members enjoy and appreciate. Ian had a great selection of songs today which got everyone singing. Eon then starts straight after with the exercises to music which everyone finds challenging but enjoyable.

Lisa then takes over when the exercises have finished and reads a joke which everyone loves and then gave members 10 True or False questions. The top scores for the quiz today were our new members Susanne & Sheila and also Kevin and Pamela & Helen. Lisa then called the Bingo numbers and the winners were double today with the other new members Maurice & Rosemary and Pamela & John.