We had 24 members today. The Karaoke session started at 2pm as usual and then at 2.30pm everyone was happy and ready to chat. Lisa welcomed everyone. As it was St Patrick’s Day many of the members were wearing something green which was really nice. James Le Bec then joined us and Joy was wearing a hat with a yellow flower. James started the music entertainment with a few happy songs and then it was time for the music quiz. The music quiz this week was James singing a few seconds of each song for members to guess the name of the song. The winners for this part was Gina and Chris and Sandra and Laurie who got all the answers right. James finished off with a couple of Irish songs and an upbeat song for everyone to dance.

Richard Kravetz then joined us and as usual everyone participates with great interest to all the exercises which are also great fun. Richard’s quiz after was to name the slogans which were TV adverts. This was a multiple choice choosing out of 3 answers. The winner was Jackie and Joan with 8 out of 10.

Lisa then called the Bingo numbers and the winner was Stephen and Brenda.

We had 26 members this evening. Lisa welcomed her special guest – Dr David Jefferys and gave a short introduction about him before introducing him to talk. Lisa also welcomed her Trustees and also it was a pleasure to welcome Eshwan Seedoyal (Barnet Memory Service Team Leader).

Lisa mentioned David’s last meeting was at the Finchley Memorial Hospital in January 2020. Although we knew at the time there were problems with the virus in China, we were not aware that it would lead to this pandemic.

David’s talk was very inspirational and full of hope. He talked about his work and discussions with the Prime Minister about the various vaccines. David also discussed the various trials and especially how the Aducanumab clinical trials have moved on in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Many questions followed from members especially with the recent news about the AstraZeneca vaccine and the concerns about blood clots. David responded to say that there is no evidence of a link to support this. David said that there are more concerns if people do not have the vaccine as one of the symptoms of Covid-19 is blood clots develop in the lungs. David explained the various vaccines and how the UK was able to develop a vaccine which under normal circumstances would take 10 years to develop but in this case took 10 months. We should be very proud. There were various other questions asked and David provided a full answer to all.

Members were very grateful and honoured to have such an important highly qualified special guest to our group meeting especially to explain to us after recent news about the AstraZeneca vaccine. David had another meeting he had to attend but before leaving he said how pleased he was to join the group this evening. Lisa thanked him.

After David left, Lisa opened the meeting to members to ask any other personal questions they wanted to raise. A number of concerns were raised and Eshwan very kindly was able to respond to some of the concerns and also Dr Angela. Eshwan also mentioned that he would ask Helen Newman the Chief Executive of Age UK to attend one of our carers group meetings. Everyone was very pleased to hear that especially as Age UK have now received the contract from Barnet Council to deliver the Barnet Dementia Support Service from the 1st April 2021.

Before closing the meeting, Lisa mentioned that Andrew Wrensch will be back next week and the topic of discussion would be ‘Stroke Awareness’ and ‘Mindfulness’. The stroke awareness talk would be a joint talk with Dr Angela who would provide the latest advice. Lisa also mentioned that she had invited a carers organisation called ‘Christies Care’ who was attending the first half hour to introduce himself and say a few words about what his organisation offers.

We had 23 members today. The new Tuesday Karaoke session was great and then Lisa welcomed everyone at 2.30pm. Lisa reminded everyone about the Census and the importance to complete it well especially the questions which ask about the number of hours of caring. Lisa also reminded everyone about our special guest later at the carers group meeting Dr David Jefferys. Ian James our music entertainer then joined us and as usual made a grand entrance and got everyone laughing too. His music today was cockney singalongs. Everyone really loved it singing along and moving around to the music.

Rachel then joined us for the exercises. Rachel has established various routines which everyone has become familiar with and confident in their moves. The more challenging energetic salsa, disco moves towards the end of the session is really popular.

Lisa then did a short TV Adverts quiz and the winners were Gina and Chris, Pam, Sandra and Kevin with 8 out of 10. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and there were 2 winners today – Gina and Chris and Joan.

We had 22 members today. The karaoke session was on at 2pm as usual and the at 2.30pm everyone was happy to meet for their chats. Lisa welcomed everyone and asked if everyone had a lovely Mother’s day weekend. Lisa gave a few updates informing everyone about our special guest – Dr David Jefferys tomorrow evening at the carers group meeting and also alerted members about phone call scams from calls pretending they were from the Inland Revenue (HMRC). Lisa also asked members whether they wanted to have the Bank Holiday as a day off on Monday 5th April and everyone decided they were happy.

Katie Paine our music entertainer then joined us and everyone welcomed her. Katie always likes to have a chat with everyone before she starts too. Katie today decided to sing lots of Elvis songs and everyone was very pleased as Elvis is a great favourite. One of our carers Kevin was also quickly able to find the wig and glasses to be a look alike Elvis.

Eon Walters then joined us and as usual this is always a great session as everyone is seriously joining in and enjoying the challenge. A good whole body workout which everyone can participate.

Kevin then followed with the Family Fortunes quiz which is always a great laugh and then Lisa called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winner today was Pam and John.

We had 24 members today. Our Karaoke session was a great start and then our chat session followed. It was lovely to see a few of our members dancing to one of the songs we played ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle boy of Company B’ . Lisa welcomed everyone and especially Lillian who returned back today after a hip operation. Kevin and Chrystalla were dressed as in the 60s and had dark glasses and Kevin had a black short wig. When James Le Bec our music entertainer joined it was also surprising to see that he was also wearing dark glasses and had his hair in a ponytail. James started with some Elvis songs which everyone really enjoyed and then it was time for the music quiz with the rolling of the digital dice. James played a few snippets of each 10 songs for everyone to try and name the title. The winner with the highest score in this part was Kevin. The quiz still continues however to reach a total score and hopefully beat last week’s score with a little cheating! It’s all great fun. It was decided that next week will be a 60s Flower power week where everyone men and ladies will wear something flowery and colourful.

James finished off with singing Rock n Roll which got everyone very excited and a few members up dancing.

Richard Kravetz then joined us and as usual everyone loves to participate as Richard makes the exercises fun. Richard then continued with his quiz and as Mother’s Day was on Sunday he decided to do a Mother’s Day quiz. It wasn’t easy but a challenge is always good. The quiz winners were Jackie and Joan and they get a pretend box of chocolates and a bunch of carnations.

Lisa then called the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Karen and Lillian. They were so happy and it was lovely to see Lillian smile.