A very busy session as usual. Lisa welcomed everyone and talked about the Coronavirus and how everyone should refrain from kissing and handshakes whilst this virus is active.

Lisa then announced details of two launches this month and reminded members of the following dementia clubs.

Lisa also distributes some pictures for members to colour and word searches.

Lisa introduced Roberto Weeden-Sanz who came to visit. Roberto is a Conservative Councillor for Brunswick Park Ward together with Lisa. Roberto is also standing as a GLA candidate for Barnet and Camden in the GLA Elections on May 7th. Roberto talked about himself and the work he will focus on if he is successful in the Elections. Members were really delighted to hear Roberto. Roberto said that he was staying for the whole session.

Lisa then introduced the alphabet quiz asking members to go through each letter of the alphabet and think of what foods they eat for breakfast. Members really enjoyed this quiz. There were some very interesting breakfasts! We were expecting Dennis to attend today to provide music entertainment but he phoned to let us know that he was unfortunately stuck in traffic.

The session then followed with some singing. Lisa started everyone first and then members took over. Ernie had a few songs and was joined with Terry and the with Melvyn. James then introduced a new way of singing. James started singing in another language and when James asked members what language it was members thought it was Spanish. In fact it was gibberish. The point James was making is that even if we don’t have the words to a song we can still sing using gibberish words as this makes our brains concentrate. Everyone was very impressed. Well done James.

Members then wanted some dance music and Lisa played a few songs which got members up dancing. Roberto was busy too as a few members got very attached to him and got him up dancing too. Roberto was a great hit with members and then joined with Mark to do a final quiz getting members to shout out the answers.

A very enjoyable session. Thank you to our volunteers today Angela Chen and Melvyn and of course Mark and some of the carers who also offer to help.