Today’s session was the first session following the BBC Inside Out programme about Dementia Club UK. Many of the members that attended were featured in the TV programme so everyone was feeling very upbeat.

Muz and Faz presented Lisa with some flowers to thank her for her incredible achievements with Dementia Club UK. The members praised the TV coverage and discussed the idea of making a TV series in the future so more time could be dedicated to the topic.

Whilst members enjoyed their teas, coffees and lovely cakes, there were several games to keep the members occupied which were themed around TV, given there had just been a TV documentary on Dementia Club UK. Members were given 41 letter cards and had to make 5 single word TV programmes. Everyone managed to get the answer right surprisingly quickly. This followed with a verbal quiz about famous TV double-acts. Everyone contributed and suggested their favourite double acts.

Muz then introduced a card game where people had to match the famous couples together. Everyone loved playing the game. There was also colouring and word searches so there was something to keep everyone occupied before Richard took over with seated exercise. Richard’s session was lovely with everyone enjoying their stretches and working out their muscles.

After the exercise session, members were entertained with a variety of games that included golf putting, a bowling green and table tennis. Everyone was having lots of fun with the variety of activities. Sotiris was elated when he got a hole in one. It was fantastic watching Mabel enjoy the golf and seeing Viv and Brian get stuck in to the bowling. The session concluded with a sing-a-long of Que Sera Sera which everyone really enjoyed.

This was a very enjoyable session and big thanks to Lisa, Mark and to Pat, one of the carers and Annette for helping out today.