Great first session of the year. Members were greeted with the usual warm welcome which also included tea and cakes prepared by Rotarians Mollie and Helen.

There was still a festive atmosphere especially as Lisa decorated the tables with some left over Christmas crackers which members were happy to see. The room was buzzing with chat whilst members enjoyed their teas and cakes and doing some colouring in which is always a favourite.

I welcomed everyone and then Lisa filled us in about forthcoming events. I then ran a general knowledge quiz which members found enjoyable and created conversations.

Richard then arrived and got us all moving with chair Yoga, warming us up ready for our new music entertainer, Aaron.

Members really enjoyed Aaron’s music and were happy to have the usual music quiz which as usual also has a bit of cheating with the feet as the big dice is thrown. The score was amazingly high with 144 points and this now sets a tough challenge for the other dementia clubs to beat.

Lovely to see members Irene, Mabel and Ruth rocking to the music, along with Simone, Rita, Joy and Kevin. Thanks to Mark for his usual sociable banter. It was a fun session all round!