Lisa was arriving late today as she had to go to The BBC to do some voice recording for the film that will be shown in the new year.

Our two Trustees Mark and Valerie who is also a Rotarian had to lead the session. There were 25 members who attended today. This new venue is becoming one of the favourites for members as it is so welcoming. The fireplace with the heat blasting out and the lovely finger sandwiches and cakes and biscuits and tea pots and fresh coffee is such a treat especially when it is also served with a smile.

Unfortunately Ami today was not there as she was ill with the flu but her mum Sarah was there with Becky another family member. Valerie welcomed everyone and Mark also explained why Lisa was going to be late. Valerie then talked to members about Chanukah which starts on the 23rd December. Members were very interested.

Mark then started a quiz with everyone which was prepared by Lisa. The questions were based on television Soaps. At that moment Lisa walked in and members were eager to hear about the BBC before Mark carried on with the quiz.

After the quiz, it was time for exercises with Eon. Eon’s first job is spacing the chairs out for members. Members always enjoy the workout with Eon and this also prepares them when the music entertainer Ian James arrives. Everyone is warmed up and ready to dance.

Ian played mostly Christmas songs today and everyone did a lot of dancing. It was an enjoyable afternoon. A few members also decided to played some table football. Thank you today to Valerie and Mark for leading the session, thank you also to Rotarians Dick, Sheila, Kuljit and his wife Satwan. It was lovely to also see Risom today – a volunteer from one of the previous venues.