Today’s session at Hendon Town Hall was led by Charlyn and was extra special.

The day started with our usual chitty chatty among members, family members and volunteers. The room was brightened up with colorful decorated table tennis tables brought in by Muz and Faz from Ping is King Ltd. Ping is King is a company based in Barnet that promotes increased dexterity and motor skills to prevent or slow the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's in sufferers by playing table tennis.

Members enjoyed playing table tennis so much leaving all wanting more. We all hope to see Faz and Muz again very soon. The ever jovial Eon was present to lead the group with gentle physical exercises. As usual we were all breathless but truly enjoyed the session.

Mark took to the stage and was our bingo master for the afternoon. We all had refreshments. The volunteers and members were ready for the Christmas session as some had their Christmas gear on. The afternoon ended with both volunteers and members in high spirit and looking forward to Dementia Club UK Christmas party sessions.

Thank you to Charlyn and Eugenia from Rotary Club of Hendon and of course Lisa and Mark who also helped throughout the session.