It was a lovely surprise when I arrived with Mark to see that a few of the members had started to set up the tables and chairs.

Thank you to Viv and James and Shital. Brian also gave me a beautiful picture of an owl he painted which he was very proud of and I told him I would put it on the website.

We had a busy session today as we also had some residents who came with their own family carers and care home staff from Aarandale Manor Care Home, Holders Hill Circus, Mill Hill, NW7 1LW.

As Lisa had no volunteers, our dementia club carers Viv and Muriel helped in serving the teas today and preparing the biscuits and cakes on the plates which everyone enjoyed whilst chatting to each other.

Lisa then welcomed everyone and talked a little of her background. She then introduced what they would be doing in the session today. Lisa started with some singing which everyone enjoyed and participated with many smiles. She then played the favourite famous song ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ and everyone was really singing with joy.

Lisa then decided to do a quiz from the Reminiscence book and the chosen year was 1960. The quiz got everyone chatting as the questions brought back memories.

Richard then arrived to do the chair Yoga. It was lovely to see everyone including the residents from the care home following Richard’s movements.

There was time towards the end of the session to also show everyone the OM interactive which was set up ready. This really excited the residents from the care home and Mark was able to show them a few of the games which they enjoyed playing.

It was a successful session and feedback from everyone was that they really enjoyed the session. We look forward to seeing the residents from Aarandale Care home again.

Thank you today to James, Shital, Viv, Muriel and Mark for all their help during the session.