We had 12 members today with their carers and we also had 3 volunteers from Rotary Club Hendon – Eugenia, Charlyn and Franka who came with her mother Paulina and her mother in law Theresa.

As it was Halloween, Lisa surprised all the members with her witches hat which had long orange hair. Members sat and enjoyed their teas and coffees and were also further surprised as Lisa had brought some Halloween chocolate treats which everyone enjoyed whilst chatting

Lisa then suggested a game of bingo which everyone was happy to play especially as there were a couple of prizes to win. Members played for 2 lines and then it was time for the exercises with Eon who had prepared the chairs and was waiting.

Eon brought his dyna bands which he distributed to each members to use as part of the exercise. Members love to exercise with Eon as it’s always great fun and very challenging.

The session then continued with James Bernard who was ready to entertain. His choice of music and great voice always gets people up and dancing very quickly. It was a very happy session and everyone had a good time.

Thank you to our Rotary volunteers and also to Mark one of the Trustees who also helped throughout the session.