Members arrived and were very quickly sat down with their friends to enjoy their teas and coffees and lovely cakes.

As it was the Diwali New Year celebrations recently, Lisa had prepared a Diwali multi choice quiz today. Some of the answers were straight forward but there were a few tricky questions which even a couple of the members who celebrated Diwali were not quite sure of the answers. It was however very interesting learning.

Lisa then gave members a poem which everyone read out together called – ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ We then had one of the members – Chrystalla who was celebrating her 91 years birthday. Lisa bought a lovely chocolate cake and her birthday was celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion. She was very happy.

It was then time for Joanna who showed members some Chi Kung exercises and relaxations techniques.

Members were then ready for some music entertainment with James Bernard. The birthday girl was first up to dance with James the singer and then it didn’t take long when everyone was up and dancing. It was a very enjoyable session. There were no volunteers today but the carers did not hesitate to help.

Thank you to all the carers that helped. Thank you also to Mark one of our Trustees who set up the tables and chairs and also helped throughout the session.