We had a good number of members today. Also in attendance was our Rotary Club of Mill Hill volunteers – President Desmond and his wife Bobsie, Jeanette and Graham, Janet and Peter. It was also a pleasure to see Theresa one of our dementia club volunteers who attends other clubs.

Lisa welcomed everyone and thanked the Rotary Club of Mill Hill today for bringing the biscuits and cakes and milk. One of the members Hettie also brought in a home baked honey cake she made to share out as it is the Jewish New Year next week. Hettie wanted to say a few words about the Jewish New Year which everyone enjoyed hearing.

We also had a birthday to celebrate today – Brian Cuthbert’s birthday which was on the 25th September and this was celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion. Brian was very happy.

Richard then arrived to do some chair yoga exercises with everyone and also brought out the colourful silk scarves which are great fun to use.

The final part of the session was great fun playing Putting Golf and magnetic darts which everyone took part. Thank you again to all our Rotarians and Theresa for helping out during the session.