This is one of the dementia clubs which we have taken over from the Alzheimer’s Society and pleased to report that this dementia club has now increased in numbers.

Our Rotary Club volunteers from Mill Hill attended – Jeanette and Graham, Jane, Rotary President Desmond and his wife Bobsie and their visitor Ray.

We also had 2 new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave out some magic painting pictures with paint brushes and also gave out some word searches which are always popular. Everyone enjoyed doing those whilst chatting and drinking their teas/coffees and eating their biscuits.

Whilst some of the members were working hard on their magic painting pictures Lisa also decided to do a multiple choice quiz for the rest of the members. Lisa read out the questions and members working in a team of 3 tables wrote the answers on a piece of paper. As usual members always claim the quiz is too hard but they all enjoy the challenge and enjoy multiple choice quizzes.

After enough exercising for our brain, it was now time for some fun. Lisa did some music and singing with the usual favourite songs which members enjoyed and then it was time to unveil to OM interactive. This was the first time today. Lisa bought the mobile OM interactive for the charity with the support of Saracens so that it can be taken to all the dementia clubs.

Lisa has chosen to name the mobile OM interactive – OM - R2D2 which fans of Star Wars would know. Mark was supervising and showing the various games and all members in turn including our Rotarians were happy to have a go. It brought many smiles to everyone and some challenging moments. It was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you to all our Rotarian volunteers for their help during the session. Thank you to Sarah who always attend and helps with the teas and coffees and of course thank you to Lisa the Chairman who led the session and Mark one of the Trustees for his help throughout the session.