Today we celebrated 2 launches at Carlton Court Care Home in Bells Hill, Barnet.

Carlton Court Care Home is part of the TLC Group. TLC stands for ‘Truth,Love, Compassion’ Lisa was delighted to welcome the residents and families who attended today and also welcomed special guests Lorna Badrick - Chief Operating Officer from TLC and Rose Degen who was representing the Chairman of Saracens. It was also nice to see some of our volunteers and regular members.

Lisa mentioned in her speech how delighted she was to be opening the first dementia club in a Care home and also to have installed an OM interactive which would provide hours of fun and joy not only to the residents but also to families.

Dementia Club UK is very happy to have donated this product to Carlton Court Care Home. All this of course would not be possible without the continued support of Saracens who do so much for the young and elderly in the community.

Lisa has organised musical entertainment with James Le Bec who will be attending every month. His performance today was as usual amazing and always has everyone laughing. His name that tune game using a large dice is always fun and challenging. Residents and family members took turns in trying to throw the dice and get a 6. Not always easy and some cheating is sometimes necessary but a few of the residents scored a 6 and this followed with a cheer.

Lisa mentioned the importance of laughter as this is the best medicine. It was then time for the official opening of both the dementia club and the OM interactive and Juliana the care home’s award winning chef brought out a beautiful cake she made. Her artistic skills in cakes are to be admired as she is so talented.

This was followed with the official signing of the partnership - Carlton Court Care Home joining in Association with Dementia Club UK. Lisa then informed everyone that the OM interactive will now be presented in the next room and those that wanted to see it and play were welcome. Steven the activities coordinator who has had plenty of practice was happy to show everyone. Some of the residents who sat around the table really enjoyed it and their faces were lit up with joy and amazement. Even Rose from Saracens enjoyed a play.

Carlton Court Care Home is a good Care home and this I believe is credit to the manager Ginny Cheytan.

The next session is on the 12th September and this is open not only to residents but also to the local community. Well done to all the staff who set up and decorated the room today and of course Juliana who made some very tasty bits of food to go with the amazing cake.