Session leaders Helen and Mollie with Ritu and Mark set up the tables and chairs in the room ready and prepared a delicious early afternoon tea for members and visitors on arrival.

We’re building up a bright collection of completed 60s colouring in patterns, always a therapeutic activity to do over tea and chat, whilst waiting for session leader Danielle to make the opening welcome. Chairman Lisa ran through forthcoming events and mentioned the various recent promotions she has implemented to spread the word of the various groups we run.

After a quick vote, the members decided to start with a general knowledge quiz, which was very entertaining and everyone enjoyed participating. This was then followed by a game of Bingo which and was won this month by Rotarian Mrinal’s wife, first time supporter, Rama.

It was then time for some exercises as Richard arrived. Everyone joined in the chair yoga exercises and, true to say, we always have a laugh doing this with his entertaining banter. Delighted to welcome some first time visitors, including Simone with Mabel and Kevin, as well as Joy with Irene and Rita, and the lovely Ruth who excelled when it was time to dance to James’ popular songs.

It was lovely also to see Lisa and her husband Mark on the dance floor. Thanks to James’ partner Joy for getting people up dancing and Rotarians Selwyn and Suresh for joining in the music quiz. Dr Nandini was on hand for any medical and community questions.