Today is a day I will never forget. As I walked into the hall, I was surprised to see that the tables and chairs were already set up and there were already a few members there. Most surprising was that there were tables with red tablecloths and sandwiches and cakes displayed.

I had no idea what was happening until a crowd of members and volunteers burst into the hall shouting ’SURPRISE’ Everyone had organised a birthday surprise for me and I had no idea.

Even my husband knew about it but didn’t tell me. More and more people were entering the hall, even people I had not seen for some time. I was so overwhelmed. There must have been about 60 people altogether.

The main organisers were Sylvia, Marina and her granddaughter Natalia, Joan, Pamela, Annette, our new volunteer Angela and Arzu. They bought a big chocolate cake for me and this was of course celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion with firework candles. Usually one firework but my one had 4.

Everything I had planned for the session was now not happening which included Joanna who attended to do the chair exercises. Joanna however enjoyed the party instead. We also had 2 other birthdays to celebrate. It was Frances’s birthday and she was 91 years old and Ivor who was 82 years old. Lisa of course prepared the two cakes for Frances and Ivor and everyone sang happy birthday to them too.

It was then time for Ronnie our music entertainer. Ronnie played some really wonderful songs which got a lot of people up and dancing including me and Mark. I thought it was a lovely surprise when Ronnie played the song ‘When I called to say I love you’ and got Mark to sing some of the words to me.

Everyone had a really enjoyable time. My thanks goes to everyone that organised this party for me and thank you to everyone that attended.