Today is a special day as the 25th March celebrates Greek Independence Day. It was even more special to be able to celebrate at the Greek Britannia Centre.

The session started with a quiz which is always a good way to start a session as it gets everyone to chat together to try and get the right answers.

Joanna then arrived to do some Chi Kung exercises. Members look forward to these exercises as it helps them and teaches them how to relax and breath properly especially at stressful times.

The session then followed with our music entertainment with Ronnie. It was lovely to be able to celebrate Pamela and John’s 55 years wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion, Lisa asked Ronnie to play them their favourite song to dance to and everyone gave their best wishes. There was lots of dancing and everyone was very happy.

My thanks to my volunteers Mark who is one of the Trustees, Melissa and her husband Bob and Marina.