Our Dementia Club session today was attended by 11 members. We also had 4 members of the Rotary Club, 3 from the Church plus Lisa and Mark.

Our doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif also attended the session and some members took the opportunity to have their blood pressure taken.

The session started with a surprise visit from Maz and Faz who introduced some new and very interesting ball games to the members. Members were given different sized balls and tried to catch them. Maz and Faz finished their show with a game of bingo but this bingo is slightly different as it is called ‘Pingo’ and everyone is a winner. Everyone participated and enjoyed the games.


The session then continued with chair yoga by Richard. Richard did some interesting and fun exercises for about 30 minutes. Again, all the members joined in and had a laugh too.

The yoga session was then followed with our usual music entertainer, James Le Bec, who sang various familiar old songs. James had the help of his assistant Joy for this session. James then asked the members to identify various songs and when they guessed them correctly, they were asked to throw a large dice to get points. Everybody enjoyed James singing and some members even got up and danced.

Thank you to our church warden Andrew for preparing and setting up the venue and our volunteers Sue and Brenda for making teas and coffees. Thank you also to our Rotarians from Barnet; John, Jim, Malcolm and Victor. Also, many thanks to Doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif for her support, plus Lisa and Mark for their continuous support making the Dementia Club at St John’s Church successful.

Members arrived and were very quickly sat down with their friends to enjoy their teas and coffees and lovely cakes.

As it was the Diwali New Year celebrations recently, Lisa had prepared a Diwali multi choice quiz today. Some of the answers were straight forward but there were a few tricky questions which even a couple of the members who celebrated Diwali were not quite sure of the answers. It was however very interesting learning.

Lisa then gave members a poem which everyone read out together called – ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ We then had one of the members – Chrystalla who was celebrating her 91 years birthday. Lisa bought a lovely chocolate cake and her birthday was celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion. She was very happy.

It was then time for Joanna who showed members some Chi Kung exercises and relaxations techniques.

Members were then ready for some music entertainment with James Bernard. The birthday girl was first up to dance with James the singer and then it didn’t take long when everyone was up and dancing. It was a very enjoyable session. There were no volunteers today but the carers did not hesitate to help.

Thank you to all the carers that helped. Thank you also to Mark one of our Trustees who set up the tables and chairs and also helped throughout the session.

Today Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Mill Hill welcomed members as they arrived and were seated so everyone could have a good chat.

Members enjoyed their teas and coffees and lovely biscuits whilst chatting. Lisa then provided some puzzles and quizzes for members to do which prompted discussions in some of the answers. Jeanette led this part of the session.

Lisa also gave out a poem which had some missing words to complete. When the words on the poem were completed, Jeanette asked all the members to read it out together.

Richard then arrived. The chairs were already arranged and members were happy to do some chair yoga exercises. The last part of the session was led by Mark – one of the Trustees who was controlling the OM interactive. Members enjoyed playing some of the games. It was an enjoyable session.

Thank you to our volunteers Sarah and Theresa. Thank you to our Rotarians – Jeanette and her husband Graham, Jane, President - Desmond and his wife Bobsie and of course Mark.

The BBC also attended the Care Home today. TLC management, staff and carers from the care home were very excited by this visit and many of the residents were also very excited to be filmed.

The BBC wanted to conclude their filming at the care home showing Dementia Club UK in action. Lisa had also organised music entertainment with James Bernard who was equally excited to perform for the BBC. It didn’t take long for residents, care staff and other visitors to be up dancing and having a great time.

The care home Chef Julianna made some beautiful little cakes and sandwiches presented on a tier rack. It looked like afternoon tea at the Ritz. Well done to Juliana.

Thank you to all the care staff and carers at Carlton Court for organising and preparing for the BBC’s visit and also for preparing the residents in time for the dementia club. It was a very busy session but also very exciting.

A busy session as usual but members were also surprised today to see the BBC who attended to film Dementia Club UK. The Tovertafel was filmed first as the BBC were interested to see the game and then they needed to do a few interviews. It was therefore a very exciting afternoon.

In addition Lisa also organised music entertainment with Pete Webb as ELVIS who was very pleased to be performing and members were very quickly up and dancing and singing.

I would like to thank my volunteers today- Lizzy, Angela Chen, Dr Angela and Melissa and of course Mark who set up the tables and chairs at the start of the session and helped throughout the session.