We had a few new members today and as usual a very busy session. Lisa welcomed everyone and started with reading a joke about modern technology which everyone laughing.

A game of bingo then followed which really makes everyone concentrate to win. As the aim was to complete one line it didn’t take too long before there were 2 winners.

It was then time for our music entertainment and James Bernard who is a favourite got everyone up and dancing quickly. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Thank you to our volunteers – Melvyn and Dr Angela who was very busy today providing advice to members and also Mark for helping throughout the session.

It was a lovely surprise when I arrived with Mark to see that a few of the members had started to set up the tables and chairs.

Thank you to Viv and James and Shital. Brian also gave me a beautiful picture of an owl he painted which he was very proud of and I told him I would put it on the website.

We had a busy session today as we also had some residents who came with their own family carers and care home staff from Aarandale Manor Care Home, Holders Hill Circus, Mill Hill, NW7 1LW.

As Lisa had no volunteers, our dementia club carers Viv and Muriel helped in serving the teas today and preparing the biscuits and cakes on the plates which everyone enjoyed whilst chatting to each other.

Lisa then welcomed everyone and talked a little of her background. She then introduced what they would be doing in the session today. Lisa started with some singing which everyone enjoyed and participated with many smiles. She then played the favourite famous song ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ and everyone was really singing with joy.

Lisa then decided to do a quiz from the Reminiscence book and the chosen year was 1960. The quiz got everyone chatting as the questions brought back memories.

Richard then arrived to do the chair Yoga. It was lovely to see everyone including the residents from the care home following Richard’s movements.

There was time towards the end of the session to also show everyone the OM interactive which was set up ready. This really excited the residents from the care home and Mark was able to show them a few of the games which they enjoyed playing.

It was a successful session and feedback from everyone was that they really enjoyed the session. We look forward to seeing the residents from Aarandale Care home again.

Thank you today to James, Shital, Viv, Muriel and Mark for all their help during the session.

Today was our first session at the Finchley Cricket Club. We made sure to be at the venue early so that we could be ready for members arriving and members that could be lost.


Valerie from Rotary Club Golders Green volunteered to stand with our Pull Up Banner on the corner of the street pavement to make sure members could see where the venue was. She was very brave standing in the cold. It was quite a challenge standing with the Pull Up Banner which was swaying in the cold wind. Mark then joined Valerie to assist.

A few of the members started coming and then it was good to see that many members started arriving. There were 2 new people who also attended and Mark had to run out and bring them.

The tables were beautifully set with pots of tea and coffee and lovely biscuit and cakes and even finger sandwiches just like at The Ritz. Members were very pleased and felt very welcomed especially as the real fire to keep the venue warm and cozy.

Amy and her mother Sarah were busy in and out of the kitchen looking after members. It was lovely to also see Amy’s dog Alfie who was so excited to see so many people and he was getting so munch attention. Members enjoyed their teas and cakes and sandwiches and were happy chatting for a while and then Valerie who is session leader welcomed the members.

As it was Remembrance Day, one of the carers James brought some old photos to show members when he was young during the war and he also had some war poems to read out. Valerie invited James to read them out and James also talked about some of his medals. He had a Veteran’s badge at the top of his tie and below that he had the Cambrai Badge which recognised the death of his grandfather in the battle in November 1917. James was also wearing a RAF General Service Medal with the Canal Zone Bar.

Members were very pleased to hear the poems and also to learn about the medals. Thank you James. Lisa and James then talked about the Lord Mayor Show which was on Saturday 9th November. Lisa told members about the show and how James also attended and took part in the very long walk holding a banner which highlighted Dementia Club UK.

The session then followed with Valerie doing a short ‘Family Fortunes’ quiz which was good fun and then Eon arrived ready to do exercises with the members. As usual Eon who members call ‘Mr Motivator’ made everyone work hard but it’s also always fun.

The music entertainer then arrived – Ian James and he also brought his little dog Theo today who made friends very quickly with Alfie. Members really had a wonderful afternoon and can’t wait for the next session.

Thank you today to Rotary volunteers Michael, Kuljit and Satwan and Sheila and session leader and Trustee Valerie. Also thank you to Mark who is also Trustee and of course Amy and Sarah for setting up the rooms and making members feel so welcomed.

I was delighted to attend and participate in the Lord Mayor’s Show on Saturday 9th November and join the Metropolitan Grand Lodge & Chapter of London Freemasons float.

It was a pleasure to be walking beside a Fire Engine and supporting your charitable cause to purchase for the London Fire Brigade (LFB) two 60 metre long super-aerial platforms which can reach to the 25th floor of high rise blocks.

It was a pleasure to participate in this parade and I would also like to thank the Metropolitan Grand Lodge for also allowing me to raise the profile of my charity Dementia Club UK by holding up a banner during the show.

The photos show the Great Hall at St Barts Hospital in London where we met and prepared for the Lord Mayors Show. There are magnificent murals by Hogarth as you walk up the stairs to the great Hall. We had lunch in the Great Hall after the show was over. The photos also depict what it is like waiting for your turn to start the route, there were lots of similar streets with everyone waiting. You get a chance to chat and mingle with the other people in the show.

It was lovely to see 2 new members today with their families.

The café area seems to be working well and everyone enjoys attending as it is bright and members enjoy the fresh coffee and especially the cappuccino.

Lisa welcomed the members and Annalisa informed them about the Christmas Party next month. Annalisa then took the exercise session with members and as always Annalisa makes sure that everyone participates.

It was then time for James our music entertainer and as members were warmed up, they were ready for singing and some dancing. James introduced some music today which involved members doing more exercises but they were fun and as usual James’s music quiz is always challenging as everyone has to guess the name of the song or artist and try to get as many pointe as possible.

A very successful and happy afternoon. There were no volunteers today but myself and Mark however one or two of the carers were happy to help.