We had 16 members and carers during the Dementia Club today plus one guest, Maria our doctor’s mother. As soon as the members arrived, they were offered teas and coffees plus biscuits before the entertainment started. Lisa welcomed all attendees and made some announcements including advice on how to protect against Corona virus based on advice from the Council’s Public Health committee.

As Tuesday 23rd of February was Pancake Day, Lisa read some interesting history facts about Pancake Day and also why we celebrate Pancake Day as it is the beginning of Lent. Lisa also read a couple of jokes about flipping pancakes which made everyone laugh.

Muz and Faz followed with the Pancake theme and distributed drawings of pancakes for the members to colour in. Members enjoyed doing their colouring whilst also enjoying their teas and cakes.

Muz and Faz then introduced their seated table tennis with the colourful cups. 8 players sat opposite each other and followed Muz’s instructions to bounce and pass the table tennis balls across to each other. A couple of members also enjoyed playing table tennis with bats. Members had great fun and as usual volunteers were kept busy picking up the balls.

The session then continued with the usual sitting down yoga by Richard. Richard did some interesting exercises for about 30 minutes. Again, all the members joined in and had a laugh.

The yoga was followed by our new very energetic music entertainer, Ian James. Ian sang some popular songs and managed to get everybody to join the singing and to get up and dance.

Thank you to our church volunteer Dorothy for making teas and coffees and Church Warden Andrew for setting up the venue. Thank you also to our Rotarians from Barnet, John, Jim and Malcolm. Also, many thanks to Annette for her assistance, Doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif for her support, plus Lisa for her continuous support, making the Dementia Club at St John’s Church successful.

The cold and wet weather didn’t stop members attending today. Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some word searches and a quiz to do whilst they were enjoying their teas/coffees and cakes.

Lisa then gave members an update about the programme for this week and just before Eon arrived Mark read out the answers to the quiz. As usual members thought the quiz was hard but they always enjoy the challenge.

There was a birthday to celebrate today. Although Pat’s birthday is on Thursday her daughter Lisa wanted to do a surprise birthday for her today and brought a big chocolate birthday cake. Lisa also brought a little visitor today Zariya who is 2 years old. Members enjoyed having Zariya and Zariya also enjoyed the fussing.

As usual a birthday is celebrated the Dementia club UK fashion with a fireworks cake candle. Pat was very overwhelmed by her surprise birthday and was very happy. Everyone enjoyed the cake too.

Eon was by now ready for members to do their exercises and as usual Eon makes everyone work hard but it’s also great fun. It was good to work off some of the cake.

The session then followed with music entertainment with Wayne and Charlie who today also brought in a Karaoke machine so that members were able to have a sing along and also were able to read the song words on the television screen. Everyone had great fun and a lot of many were up dancing.

Thank you today for Theresa Animashaun who came to volunteer and also Mark for helping throughout the session.

We had a few visitors today from local organisations. We had Karen Rides and Beatrice Bennai from Bluebird Care Camden & Hampstead and we also had Miles Maier – Older Carers Wellbeing Coordinator from Camden Carers Centre.

It was also a pleasure to meet the new General Manager of Kentish Town Leisure Centre – George Woodfield. Lisa and Adriana welcomed everyone and also welcomed 3 new members who came for the first time today.

Muz and Faz had lots of interesting activities to entertain members at this session including Word Searches, colouring in pictures and table tennis. Muz also introduced some new activities today which members really enjoyed. There was a famous faces game where everyone had to remember the positions and then match the pairs of famous faces.

One of the members James also introduced Scattergories which our visitors enjoyed playing. A big thank you to James for suggesting this game today.

After the activities and table tennis, the session then followed with music entertainment and singing and dancing led by Aaron. He got everyone up and dancing with his rendition of classics like Que Sera Sera and the Hokey Cokey.

Thank you to Adriana, Lisa, Aaron and Muz and Faz for a fantastic session.

A very busy session as usual. We also had 4 new members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some programme updates and other news. Lisa welcomed and introduced a new volunteer today – Assunta from The London Academy.

Her mother works at The Finchley Memorial Hospital in the Wards upstairs and Assunta wanted to come and volunteer as she has hopes to become a doctor one day.

Lisa then introduced James one of the carers who wanted to say a few words. ‘James read a number of letters he had written to his old RAF Base when he was a regular in the RAF in Egypt in the 1950s. He wanted a beret and cat badge of his old team as he was very proud to serve. He eventually got his beret and cat badge a few days ago and he is looking forward to wearing it at the next official engagement.

He has also been invited at the Officers Mess at RAF High Wycombe for lunch which he is looking forward to.’ Members were very pleased to hear James’s talk.

The session then followed with a quiz and then Lisa put on some music for members to sing along which they enjoyed. This prepared members as they were ready when Ian James our music entertainer then arrived. Everyone enjoyed Ian’s choice of music and there was a lot of dancing and singing. It was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you today to our volunteers Melvyn, Melissa, Angela Chen and Marina who I thank very much not only for her help throughout the session but also for taking the mugs home last week and washing them in her dishwasher. The mugs are now gleaming white.

Thank you also to Assunta for her help today and of course to our Mark.

Lisa welcomed visitors and residents of Carlton Court whist they were enjoying their teas/coffees and wonderful cakes . As the music entertainer Aaron was getting ready, Lisa started a sing song with everyone to get them warmed up. Everyone likes to hear She’ll be Coming around the mountain’ and ‘Que Sera Sera’

Aaron then played some music favourites which got everyone smiling and some singing and dancing. This of course included the carer staff.

The music quiz is another favourite for everyone especially as they get to throw the dice. A lot of cheating to try and get a six but no one minds! It’s so much fun. After the music, visitors and the residents had the opportunity to try our fabulous interactive game table.

“A good laugh and a cuppa are the two best cures for anything”